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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #221 - Plan 10 Review


Raph swaps minds with a Kraang and ends up stranded in the Technodrome!

Nick's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles has really moved forward with Karai's story, but this week's episode decides to once again shine the spotlight on the Kraang (they have been plotting to take over the planet, after all). It turns out they've been quite busy and this episode feels like a major dose of buildup for the season finale.

First and foremost, Raphael switching minds with a Kraang produces a whole lot of comedy. Raph struggling to adapt to his new body as he waddles around the Technodrome (is this the first time they've stated that name?) generates both slapstick moments and hilarious dialogue. It's so amusing watching the turtle try and talk like a Kraang and you can't help but laugh when he awkwardly falls over or takes action as the little squishy alien ("tentacles don't fail me now!"). It definitely seems like voice actor Sean Astin had fun with all of the ridiculous lines he had to say.

I would have loved to see more of the Kraang in Raphael's body, but we're still treated to a more than adequate amount of laughs. There's a lot of bits that'll make you chuckle (like it "laughing"), but the Kraang's moment in the rain was absolutely priceless. In fact, that entire scene was great, but that was the perfect way to conclude it. Additionally, Casey's limited role was a blast. I laughed along every time he "reacted" to the developments and is it just me or does it seem like he bonded with Michelangelo over Raph's suffering? It would be quite cool to see a stronger friendship develop between these two.

Director Michael Chang once again did an awesome job handling the action scenes. I love how he often uses a somewhat extended wide shot instead of quickly jumping from shot to shot. It really allows you to appreciate the group's movements and skill and makes the battles flow so much better.

As much fun as this episode may be, the bit with the Turtle Sub felt weaker than the rest of the scenes. The creature's reactions remain adorable and the toilet seat periscope is a great gag, but the Freaky Friday-esque bits were so enjoyable that it was a bit of a bummer to break away from them. I also understand the show is very unlikely to juggle the Shredder and Kraang plot in a regular episode, but a remark or two about Karai would have been appreciated, especially since it should be a huge deal for Leonardo. Lastly, we continue to see April train more and more, but we rarely get to see the results of that in the field. Obviously, she shouldn't be on par with the heroes in a half shell, but it would be nice to see her hold her own a little more.

The episode known as "Plan 10" is a very good time. The mind swapping story produces a ton of entertaining comedy and the director does a great job making the action energetic and fun. While it may feel like filler episode to some, it does a great job building the hype for the future and Donatello reveals a massive plan. Could we see the team say "ENGAGE ULTRA MEGA TURTLE PUNCH" in the near future? I certainly hope so!

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Ugh, did they seriously do that "voices somehow travel with the minds during brain-swap" thing? Unbelievable!

But on the upside, yay, the Technodrome is back! And we hear Donnie say "turtle power" (sort of).

Heh heh, Casey kept groping himself in April's body. XD Not that I can blame him.

And now we got a turtle mech on the way.

Posted by Ms. Omega

Oh that ending what Donnie drew plans for.... :)

Posted by Winter_Kills

This show is consistently awesome. Mixing the good stuff from the '80s with modern takes as well- take a note, Michael Bay. This is how you do it. I'll be watching this show while your summer blockbuster train wreck is rolling at the theaters.

Posted by Lurkero

Filler episodes in TMNT are better than most other shows on TV so it doesn't bother me too much. This episode kind of sets the course for the remainder of the season. The writers had some fun with a hackneyed trope and mode it work for the show, not too bad. I think all long running shows eventually do a "switch bodies" plot so it's good that TMNT got it out of the way early.

Raph learning to use Kraang bodies and language was the best part of the episode. It is starting to bother me how often Casey and April come along for missions. I know suspension of disbelief and all, but they are putting their lives in serious danger without being trained well enough to handle emergencies. I don't remember April's dad even commenting on the dangers.

I thought it was weird that they went with the "voice transfers with body" idea, though.

Posted by Golden Cod

I'm a little disappointed that there were no references to Plan 9 From Outer Space in this episode. Beyond that I had fun with this episode, though I did scratch my head when the Kraang in Raph's body walked up to humans and ask to be directed to other Kraang. It doesn't seem in keeping with their whole incognito thing.

Posted by dondave


Posted by Lvenger

What was up with Leo's voice actor? Was that different from last week' voice actor for Leo? I'm not clued up on why Jason Biggs hasn't been voicing Leo for the last few episodes. Even if they are replacing him next season, it would have been courteous to let him finish his contract. Given that Biggs is stuck in my head as Leo, hearing someone else as Leo was jarring.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

I'm kinda bummed that Raph didn't say "man, I love being a turtle" when he mind swapped back.