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Centuries ago, Ranark was an Indian sorcerer who made "obscene pacts with the dark spirits until he became like unto a god himself."  Fearful of his might, the medicine men of neighboring tribes banded together and used spells to imprison his spirit within a sacred urn, which they hid in a remote crypt in the mountains of northwest Alberta, Canada. 
In the present day, Ranark managed to employ a powefurl "mind-spell" that mesmerized Shaman of the team Alpha Flight and forced him to open the urn.  Free, Ranark headed to Manitoba, where he caused massive destruction, toppling buildings.  Alpha Flight and the Thing of the Fantastic Four took him on.  The Ravager fought the heroes with various magic spells, but the team was able to knock him out with an explosion, after which Shaman imprisoned Ranark's soul inside a "mystic coccoon."  He has not been heard from since. 


Ranark the Ravager was a powerful shaman who possessed enormous physical strength, the ability to grow huge, the power to shoot beams from his eyes which cause "searing agony," and dominion over fire, water and earth.  He can cause huge trees to grow powerful roots and the earth to mold itself into huge clutching hands.

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