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Brief History

Rachel is the daughter of Julia Carpenter, the superhero formerly known as Spider-Woman and Arachne, now Madame Web. Although Rachel never went on the hero-path herself, she was witness to a lot of super-hero conflicts in her short life. Not soon after her mother got superhuman powers, Rachel's mother started to work freelance for the West Coast Avengers, and later the superhero group known as Force Works. Rachel and her mother even moved into the base of the group called, The Works. After the group disbanded Rachel and her mom moved from the complex and bought a house in the city. She and her mother lived there for some time. This all changed the moment the super-hero Civil War broke out. Although Rachel's mother was registered, she was secretly helping the underground resistance of the superhero community. When this came out, Julia tried to flee with her daughter. She was about to leave the country with Rachel when she was caught and imprisoned. Rachel was however brought safely to her grandparents in Colorado. After Julia broke free, she and Rachel fled to Canada. When the registration law was discharged Rachel and her mother returned to America.

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