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Led by General Lane Project 7734 was created to protect humanity from superhuman threats. The biggest of which is New Krypton. Jimmy Olsen first became aware of their activities when they hindered Superman, Supergirl and Steel in their battle against Atlas. He is currently continuing on that reporting trail. During New Krypton, General Lane freed Lex Luthor and revealed he was in possession of Brainiac. Lane wants to harness Brainiac's skills against the Kryptonians. The Project was responsible for unleashing Doomsday on the masses when Zor-El and Alura met the president of the United States. He was easily defeated by the Kryptonians.  
As plan B Metallo and Reactron were smuggled into New Krypton to kill Zor-El. Reactron succeeded. Both villains absconded and are presently at large. The biggest weapon the Project has is Superwoman, who was revealed to be Lucy Lane. Superwoman was sent to spy on Kandor and subsequently New Krypton with a suit that would mimic their abilities. She appeared as friends to Supergirl before a climactic confrontation where Lucy's suit was compromised and she was apparently killed. At the time she was working with Reactron who Kara apprehended. Assassin who has become Lane's henchman and presence in the outside world has freed Reactron and repowered him with Gold Kryptonite.

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