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It's strange that a lot of people seems to like this show. I found this first episode mediocre or average at best. The acting looks very weak to me, the plot a little forced, the overall is odd. I dont know if i'm gonna watch the remaining episodes.

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  • Bob Marley
  • Biggie Smalls
  • Tupac
  • Lisa " Left Eye" Lopes
  • Selena
  • Eazy E

Tho I wasn't really born in that day in time their music had a laaarge effect on my life..

Pretty much this for me, with the exception of Bob Markey and Selena, and add Jimi Hendrix.

Uh, you guys? How can someone's death affect you if it happened before you were born?

It's a connection thing. I feel connected to Marvin Gaye music, and the tragedy of his life echoes and other things he was representating are relatable to me.

Anyway, back to the topic !

Marvin Gaye

Michael Jackson

Amy Winehouse

Whitney Houston

Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes


Oliver N'goma

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Preference is a complex thing, some part of it are inner/natural, another part of it could be explain by the context(includind familiarity with other races or by the influence of media and stereotypes on people's mind) or the culture. But at the end of day, by no means one should feel "inferior" because their is a possibility that another one isn't attracted to him.

Someone else desire towards you doesnt really depends of you for the most part(of course you could try to have those traits most women want : some muscles and abs, but it doesnt do all of the seduction). Personally i'm attracted to all races, but with a preference for black guys, especially middle africans and some west africans ones( the both of Congos, Cameroon, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Gabon). I'm not searching for any race approbation, i just dont care. I flirt. If one isnt attracted to me, i move to the next one.

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I would change the 29 September of 2003; and it will be enough.

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The Roots, and i dont care if it's a group

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The cold war being over, does that mean heroes like Captain America should change their names and the colors of their outfits ?

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Kendrick, then Gambino.

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Stupid and pointless teaser which wants to sound badass but is simply annoying.