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Insensitive stupid prick who's so bland he cannot explain how he felt without using word he clearly has no clue about their meaning.

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Do anybody know the song playing in the trailer ?

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I am not sure he meant it in a racist sort of way, but who knows. There still is no need to say words like that, irregardless of who you are.

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@awesam said:

@noone301994 said:

What a prick. It's not about racism. It's about unnecessarily changing an iconic character that people love.

Movie makers change characters all the time. The only change that seems to be bothering you and most people is the change in skin color, which is racism.


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Yes, and i'm glad i did it, because our first night, i discovered he had a great body : i would never have guessed that this guy with a not so "beautiful" face, and who was walking like Charlie Chaplin could have such a great ass and a slim and toned body under his strange clothes( he practiced a lot of swimming in his free time. He told me that, but somehow i couldnt anticipated his body would have been so tunning).

And God, god that he was very, very good in bed. He's in my top 2 of greatest lovers. His face didnt attracted me, but i grew up liking his face and i found him beautiful like he was. Not only is he a lover and good laid plan, but he is also a friend and a PARTNER.

A PARTENER. I did not know how much a level of respect, support and partnership could bring into a good, positive and respectful relationship before i met him. I have never, never been with someone who supports me this much, understand me like he does, comfort me when needed even when i dont ask to or when i try to not show i'm worried( i dont know how he always manage to see "how i feel").

He is someone a who push me to be the best person i can be. I feel like myself with him, no pressure, no shame of my body or my failures. He is the very type of genuinely kind, courageous guy with a big heart. I can BREATHE with him, i really feel "HUMAN" (since a very long time) with him. So yes, i'm glad his personnality charmed me before his sex-appeal.

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The Kryptonians are still too much for the Robocops.

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She's a cunt, no respect for his privacy. Also, i'm glad Bobby is gay, one more for our team(and this time, it is a character i actually like and always felt he could be a good gay guy).

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I dont want white people to use it, and i dont want black people to use it neither. I know the word is supposed to have gain a positive meaning to defeat the racist meaning racists whites attached to it, but something continues to bother me about this word.