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Gotta go with the oldies, at least for me, Ross Andru and JRJR on the first series. I grew up with Andru's art, and it still evokes great memories. I really liked Deodato's style for Spidey and of course those great covers by him and Campbell.

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I'd probably read more "indy" stuff but sometimes hard to find good reviews on them. My local comic shop has quite a few different titles, just haven't looked at them yet.

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@savri said:
" definitely a plus in my book,  so your not going to a page, then clicking over to another page, to look at how another was,...  it's all here, with more info links to boot. I give this a 5 / 5 !!! Hope to pick up next months issue. "
Totally agree, much easier to follow and keep up with. Great work. :)
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@The Dark Huntress said:
" @Morpheus_
@The Dark Huntress said:

" Spoiler tags give me the incessant urge to read it. "

Resist the urge, because despite my displeasure concerning the development, I didn't saw it coming. At least not in that way. Big Time in general is an ideal jumping on point for new readers, and the first two issues are worth it.
Too late. And if I start reading now am I going to unwratand what's going on? I have never read an issue of Spider-Man before. "
I think so, Slott has gotten off to a good start, IMO, and the first 2 issues of "Big Time" will get you introduced to most of the current characters and situations. Being a huge spidey fan I'm biased but I think this new direction will put Spidey back on the right track. Still getting used to Ramos' art style, but he's growing on me. Grab the first 2 and give them a look, you might enjoy them. :)
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I'd have to say I'm finally getting warmed up to Dick as Batman but TD is a better artist than writer. He seems to getting better with the storylines but I wish they'd get another writer and let Daniels just draw the book.

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Great video, don't have pics (can't find them at the present) but I met George Perez at a con some years ago and had him autograph my Justice League postcard set(every card). Great artist and super nice guy.

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I started back in the early 70's, around 6 or 7 years old, and continued until my early 20's. I stopped for a while and started again about 3 yrs ago. I never completely got out of the scene, but I stopped collecting/buying for about 20 yrs. Now I'm hooked again, buying new editions and collecting some of the old ones while getting my kids involved. Long answer for a short question. :)
I'm 43, so on and off again for about 36 years. Damn.

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Probably too busy with fantasy football to get in on the RPG right now, maybe after football ends. :) Interesting that you're not into comics but you're apparently very active on the boards. :)

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@the referee: 
Thanks, been busy this weekend, I'm still getting used to the site and my own pages. :)
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