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Sorry, there wasn't any internet where I was. I'll post between today and tomorrow

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lol so who is next?

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And now I'm the youngest here.

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Posted, be gentle. I've been retired for years lol

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"Old things are overrated!" claimed Nighthunter to the people surrounding him. "Aren't you tired of the nostalgic bullsh!t that everything that is old is automatically better?" he asked as he kept walking down the hall, the world had gone into havoc and so people were looking desperately for the heroes to take a step forward and save the world.

Nighthunter couldn't help but to feel excited for the prospects of a war on a worldwide scale, after all when you are the person in charge of the trading of weapons across the globe there's no better news than a sudden increase in demand for your product.

"Please..." whispered Cindy as Nighthunter came closer to her. One could feel the fear of the beautiful woman in the atmosphere of the room as the steps of Nighthunter came closer and closer to her youthful face.

"You were a hero." Cindy said with fear, then stared directly into the world's most dangerous man and burst into tears. "My mom told me stories about you. About how you did the impossible over and over to save the world, about how you showed us what humanity could achieve...please..."

Nighthunter stood in silence for a second and even though no one else in the room could tell he was smiling behind his power suit. "Did I really? Did I show that to your mom?" asked the man with words that sounded comforting but his tone would make anyone feel true fear. "Everyone leave the room now!" demanded Nighthunter to his subordinates, they followed orders without any hesistation as always leaving soon an empty room except for the two of them.

"Let me show you something new then" said Nighthunter as he touched her cheek and came closer to her. "I have just one rule in life. New is always better" said the menacing man and then sent a mental order to the nanobots of his suit to make it dissapear. Suddenly the thousands of nanobots started to move, revealing the face of the most dangerous human alive.

In front of Cindy one could see a man of around 40 years at most smiling in a strange way. "My name is Michael Stone. Fifteen years ago I murdered Jake Hamilton after beating him in battle. I took his power suit, I took his name and I turned his legacy of heroism and sacrifice into a tribute to crime. I'm Nighthunter, the world's greatest kingpin of crime." whispered Michael to Cindy's ear and then made the mental command order to cover his face once again with his power suit.

"I guess what I'm trying to say beautiful..." announced Michael before introducing his sword through the heart of the young woman in front of him. "I'm not your mother's Nighthunter" claimed the Kingpin of Crime as the light faded from Cindy's eyes.

"Wayne clear this mess if you wouldn't mind. I have to start a war."

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Let me remind you who controls the sewers -.-

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I leave for a day and suddenly I'm old -.-

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ok I'll post after nova :)

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nah I think I have a cool idea of how we can play this. I'll post today :)

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weren't we going to do it in new continuity?