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Can we have this writer a little longer please? 0

Ok first of all let met say that I'm glad that there is another guy besides Wolfman that can use the character of Nightwing in a interesting way. Too bad this guy is only for the resurrection event.Ok now the review.This issue makes us see Nightwing as something diferent that we're used too. We don't see him in this issue as the former boy wonder, as "batman light", as a second rate Batman...this writer makes Nightwing look like he should have always been, at Batman's level.To be honest I though...

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Robin vs Damian...the fight you wanted to see 0

The title says pretty much anything right? Well actually it doesn't because Robin's and Damian's encounter could hardly be considered a battle.However the interaction between Damian and Alfred was very interesting, it remembered us that Batman is a dificult individual to be with (like if NW, Robin, Oracle and Alfred hadn't said that before lol).This issue answers some questions, however it makes new ones. How will Ra's al Ghul become powerful again? What will Robin do to have his father back (I ...

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Superb.....Superman Prime kicks ass 0

The best tale of the siniestro corps so farI really can't decide what is better about this issue the story, the art, the battles (there aren't words to describe Risk and Red Star battles) or well superman prime This has so much action and proves what the strongest superman is able to do.I mean seriously Superman Prime vs JLA, JSA, Teen Titans, Outsiders, Doom Patrol, Freedom Fighters and even so he beats the crap out of them If you like a good story, good art and a lot of battle this is a must r...

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Time travel really makes my headhurt 0

Booster Gold the greatest hero you've never heard of (or at least that's what the slogan says) visits Jonah Hex and well they have a talk and drink a lot....and well that's almost what this issue is all aboutWhile this comic is quite entertaining, it fails to give the reader a sense of importance in the DCU big picture because if he fails the greatest heroes will die or not even become what they are, but if he succeeds (and we know he will) things are... well back to normal. Even so it's quite e...

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The siniestro corps still are the current best comic event 0

This issue was incredible!! It explained for the reader who doesn't know a lot about the character without make the ones who already know that feel boredIt showed that not everyone shares the reason of Siniestro for the spread of fearThis is a good comic event not only for the story or the writing but because not all parts like the "green lantern corps"issues or "tales of the siniestro corps" aern't need to understand the history while they are very good and the customer can feel it wasn't wort...

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Marv Wolfman I'll miss you 0

Marv Wolfman relatively speaking short run on Nightwing finishes with this issue and it is.......good but not as good as I expectedWhile this issue along with almost all of Marv Wolfman run was very interesting and entertaining, (especially considering how was Devin Grayson's run) I can't stop feeling that it was a waste the fact that this little story about Dick Grayson's "lost year" wasn't fully completed especially the storyline of the new vigilante And if someone is interested in knowing o...

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