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Interesting concept. Bruce although, is risking everything.
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Texan summers are revered and reviled as the hottest then any season that particular state. And of course Fort Worth was no exception. But one day in an early part of summer is where young fifteen year old Paul Ruff decxided that playing hookey for a day would be himself. 
Now Paul Ruff was no bad seed, far from it. However, this texan teen had a little problem with his attitude. He was very carefree to the point of slacker. 
His interest in physical activities didn't overshadow his 'ok' performance in the classroom, though not many people from classmates to teachers and even the principal himself would take him as an individual seriously. 
However, that would change if they ever found what he intended to do on that Thursday. Yep, that was too big a chance to risk anything from detention to a week-long suspension. 
But Paul decides to go through with it. After all, everyone deserves a break including and Kevin Sanchez, his main friend. 

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Multiplus since he has some skills of his own. 
Your Character vs The Blob (with all his powers)
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Taken that is a fair fight, one on one and and a boxing match to boot. 
Wildcat has it in the bag 
Next up... Your Character vs Typhoon 

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Count me in too. 
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Faction:  Hero
Super Name:  Multiplus
Real Name:  Paul Lucas Ruff
Base of Operations:  Fort Worth, Texas
Age:  15
Gender:  Male
Height:  5'5"
Weight:  123 lbs
Eye Color:  Brown
Hair Color:  Auburn
Identity: Secret
Super Power Origin:  Science
Place of Birth:  Fort Worth, Texas
Known Aliases:  Multi, One Teen Army, Plus,
Group Affiliation: None
Avatar Appearance: Billy  
Mini Biography:  Paul Ruff was playing hookey with his closest friend. However their hiding place happened to be front for a scientific experiment on manipulating magnetic waves. The boys were struck by the waves and miraculously survived. However, they both have been changed. Paul found out that he can willing creates duplicates of himself, like a cells could. After several incidents, he decides to use his power to help those who need a saviour. With his 'copies' he becomes the One Teen Army: Multiplus.
Grid Points: A:3, D:3, EP:1, FA:3, I:3, MP:3, SP:2, STA:4, STR:4 
Did you know?: The mental connection between Multiplus and his copies can grow so strong that the injury or death of one copy can cause great pain to him. 
Battle Cry: None 
Character Logo:
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Here's mine. 
The multiplication symbol foreshadowing in duplicating fashion. 
Not bad?
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Your character vs Speed Demon 
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Well let's be frank. 
The Scret Six ain't exactly an angelic faction. 
I think the following are capable of their own titles (insanity not a major point): 
Lex Luthor 
The Rogues 
Gorilla Grodd (I like to know more of Gorilla City life) 
Jason Todd (Might as well) 
Bizarro (Definitely) 
Brotherhood of Evil Mutants 
Abomination (Character needs more life and backstory development) 
Dr. Doom (Don't know why, but character's cool) 
What do you all think? 
Skrulls had their day in the sun.