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Alan Scott (1st Green Lantern) would have Multiplus at stale mate, declaring the old timer the victor. 
Your Character vs Mirror Master
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I know I said I will join but had something else on mind. 
So this is a tough decision but I'll choose........ 

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Your character vs The Mask
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"OK Men. Let's bail out. The mall won't take much more of this" commanded the original to his many copies, though very weak in tone. 
The copies each have innocents and were using one of the clear shattered windows on the bottom floor that leads out to the parking lot. 
Their actions were slow and steady while free-hand copies and the original have tipped the emergency services outside city limits.  
Ambulances and air ambulances taking it from there. Surely the White House cannot turn a blind eye to this tragedy. 
Once their hands are free, the copies reaborbed back into Multiplus regaining his strength. 
Now what next? 
Maybe a rendezvous with Longshot, Spur or another would do. 
The very last thing he would want is to meet an unfriendly face, especially since Boston is ripe for the picking for thieves, maniacs and overall scumbags . 
Damn that wise man who quote "Be careful what you wish for."
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Hey yo. 
I know I have been unactive for a while but I am a little lost on what I can do after evacuating the mall. 
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Multiplus. As soon as Mxy unintentionally reveals his weakness. 
Multi would use cunning to his advantage. 
Your character vs The U-Foes
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Maybe so. But it'll be cool nonetheless.
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IHow did I became a werewolf? Don't know, but I like to find out sometime soon. 
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The aftershock came sooner then anticipated and the damage was more noticable then before. 
The nuns felt the elevator they trapped in dropped and crashed, injuring a few and shaking the unharmed. 
The original Multiplus went over to Spur. 
"You okay?" he asked. The gothic character nodded. 
Multi would have asked him what was with that flying show act, but decided to leave it til everyone including themselves were out of this deathtrap ready to crumble under another tremor. 
"Tell you what. We can take care of the nuns and anybody on the upper floors if there is any while you can handle things down here. We'll make a major evacuation now." 
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Sounds like an invitation. Be curious about this encounter. 
Have to help out the casualties and my new friend first.