The Inconceivable.

There are no words in english or any tongue of man that can properly describe these foul loathsome abominations of natural law. they are the alien so strange that they are beyond comprehension. their existence is an affront to all the knowledge, logic and sanity we depend on for survival. they walk the foul and lonely places that would cause a mere mortal to drop into gibbering slobbering madness. they are undimensioned and to us unseen. we speak of horrors from beyond, of absurd unworldly noises and nauseous colors with no real physical hue with angle's and dimensions no mathematician knows. but these are mere superficialities that can not even begin to account for their sheer unyielding wrongness. and they are out there. waiting to take back what is theirs. we shall see.....

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Posted by infonation

These creatures aren't going to drive you mad if you see them because of how ugly THEY are! They'll drive humnas mad because of how ugly they remind us WE are...

Posted by Mr.Q
@infonation: I believe the daily news can do that just as well. the human mind is to small, too insignificant to grasp the un-graspable. such arrogant fools they are.
Posted by Betatesthighlander1

This is a good resource for those inclined to the eldritch.

Posted by Mr.Q
@Betatesthighlander1: thank you. glad someone thinks so.