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At the beginning of the universe, the Emotional Spectrum was created with the first sentient life form. With the first sensations of sentience came thoughts and emotions which never existed before. With more and more use, each emotion gained footing throughout the universe. These emotions gathered energy which coalesced into the Emotional Spectrum. And with the gathering of each band of emotional light came sentience to each emotion.

There are apparently seven emotional entities - each one corresponding to one of the seven bands of light in the Emotional Spectrum. These embodiments of emotion have existed ever since, but are only now being discovered by the Guardians of the Universe, those who serve them known as the Green Lantern Corps, as well as others who have entered into the War of Light.

The Entities

Only a handful of the Embodiments have revealed themselves personally. In Green Lantern v.5 #52, The Entity showed their creation to Sinestro. Though, they may all come to be known by the universe soon enough.

The Butcher - Rage Entity


With the first act of Rage, the murder of Abel by his brother Cain, the Rage Entity came into being. The Rage Entity is the avatar of the Red Lantern Corps, though none of its members have come across it. It resembles a bull, with horns that mimic the shape of the symbol of the Red Lanterns. The Rage Entity once came into conflict with the Spectre who has warned Atrocitus not to go searching for it. It's name was revealed in Green Lantern #54. He was captured by Atrocitus and put into his battery until Krona broke it to release him. Now he is under the control of Krona and has been take to the Lost Sector of the Universe.

Ophidian - The Tempter


The Avatar of Avarice came into being after a serpent in the Garden of Eden consumed that which he did not need. The entity of greed was captured by Larfleeze, and stored in the only existing Orange Power Battery. It has spoken to Hal Jordan when the power battery was in Jordan's possession. It's name was revealed in Green Lantern #54 as the Ophidian. Ophidian later escaped and possessed Hector Hammond and they then went to find Carol Ferris. He reappeared to stop Jordan, Atrocitus, Indigo, and St. Walker using Hector's psychic powers. He disappeared along with Krona and the other entities to the Lost Sector. On his head is the symbol of avarice, and the Orange Lantern Corps.

Parallax - Entity of Fear


Parallax is the living embodiment of Fear, a demonic parasitic entity which would travel from world to world, causing entire societies to destroy themselves out of fear and paranoia. The yellow fire of fear has been tapped into by Sinestro who then founded the Sinestro Corps, and Parallax feeds off the terror its members produce. It was revealed to have been created by the fear insects felt when they were chased down by creatures which evolved from the sea-based lifeforms. The first insect to feel fear became Parallax. Parallax was kidnapped by Krona, who seeks to capture all the entities to find the source of life, and taken to the Lost Sector.

Ion - Embodiment of Willpower


Born at the beginning of the universe, with the first act of willpower, Ion is a cosmic entity. Ion is the living embodiment of the willpower in the universe and came into being when the first sentient creature willed itself to move. It is a passive creature, living in symbiosis with it's host as opposed to the parasitic relationship some of the other Emotional Embodiments employ. The green might of willpower was discovered by the Guardians who utilized it to create their intergalactic police force, the Green Lantern Corps. The Guardians have used Ion as a weapon of sorts, selecting a GL, such as Sodam Yat, or Kyle Rayner to host it to use it's power for the Guardians purposes Ion was kidnapped by Krona, who took parallax and the other entities to the Lost Sector. Hanging from it's chin is a growth that resembles a smaller, more rounded Green Power Battery.

Adara - Hope Entity


The Entity of Hope is a being created from the first act of prayer from a sentient being caught in a fierce storm.

The blue rays of hope are utilized by the Blue Lantern Corps. It's name was revealed in Green Lantern #54 as the Adara. It has been captured by Krona and taken to the Lost Sector. It is a bird with two heads sprouting from the sides of a third, and the symbol of hope on it's torso spreading out across it's wings and neck. It bonds with Nicole Morrison, a girl who was kidnapped and attempts to escape.

Proselyte - Entity of Compassion


As Rage was born of murder and Hope was born of prayer, Compassion came into being to alleviate suffering. As it reached out to offer itself to all living beings, Compassion took on a form similar to a octopus.

It's name was revealed in Green Lantern #54 as the Proselyte. It has been captured by Krona and taken to the Lost Sector.

Predator - Body of Love


The Predator is the sentient embodiment of Love. Little is known of this entity except, like it's 'siblings', it can possess a physical body. Unlike the other entities, it is the only one, so far, which has shown to be able to create a corporeal, crystalized form of it's own. It also appears to be the only entity that can be corrupted by the host it inhabits. The violet aura of love was harnessed by the Zamarons, incorporating their Star Sapphire gems into the creation of the Star Sapphire Corps. Is being protected by the Zamarons and Carol Ferris. It possesses a man named Abraham Pointe, who has been taking pictures of a waitress he finds attractive, in an attempt to show him what love truly is.

Black Hand

Black Hand - the embodiment of death

Black Hand is the herald of Nekron, Lord of the Unliving. Originally a minor Green Lantern adversary, he had recently discovered the power of death, and has spent several years preparing for the advent of Blackest Night.

After a final visit to his family, he used his cosmic divining rod to kill himself. Immediately he was resurrected, finding himself in the company of the scarred Guardian, who pronounced him to be the embodiment of the black light, a being equal to Parallax, Ion and Predator.

He was the first Black Lantern. At the end of Blackest Night he was blasted with white light and making him live again. Then he was shown with the indigo tribe held captive with the same chains holding Nekron. He was brainwashed by the Indigo Ring into feeling compassion. However, he has recently been freed of this state due to the shattering of the Indigo Power Battery. After committing what appeared to be suicide when the Battery was fixed and the Ring he removed came after him again, Black Hand was brought back by a black power ring that he regurgitated.

The Entity

The Entity, creator and embodiment of life

The Entity is responsible for life in the DC universe. It was uncovered by Nekron during the Blackest Night.It temporarily made the White Lantern Corps and made hosts of Sinestro and Hal Jordan. It is now in the form of a White Power Battery.

It brought back twelve people to protect Earth during the Brightest Day and gave them each a mission to complete in order to find the new champion of life.

New Guardians

Krona's Revenge

The entities were being hunted by a mysterious enemy of all the corps. All of the Lantern Corps representatives from the Blackest Night were being gathered once again to face an ancient enemy of the universe. They sought to gather each of there corps entities then go there separate ways. but they were beaten by the enemy who has turned out to be Krona. Krona has now collected all of the emotional embodiments and now is using them to exact his revenge on the Green Lantern Corps. To do this, he placed Parallax into the Green Lantern Central Power Battery on Oa to restore the yellow impurity to the rings, and used the impurity to control the Green Lantern Corps, while having Mogo jettison rings so that more Green Lanterns would be recruited and immediately brainwashed.. He then had the other entities possess the remaining Guardians on Oa.

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