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DC just keeps rushing into things lately. no plans, no prototype, no back up, no patience. they rushed the reboot and it was and is full of holes. and now they are rushing the JLA to film.

The Avengers worked because it was a pay off, Marvel did right by having faith in their work and the patience to play the long game. with Marvel all the characters that need a solo introduction had one before they all came together.

all of the DC characters are varied and miss matched enough that they each need room to breath at first. you can't rush the Flash, GL, WW, and Aquaman in during an info dump by Batman. at least not in a live action movie. it will be rushed. it will be flawed. it will be awkward. and it will make money despite itself. it wont be getting mine though. DC has no faith in it's work anymorw and neither do I.

and how did we get a Howard the Duck movie before a Wonder Woman movie? come on DC/WB. act like you know what to do.

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@jedixman: agreed. he spent the whole film getting his ass handed to him by the guy from the Breakfast Club. I would point to the Nostalgia Critics review of Steel. Doug hits every mark.

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............ yes. I will read this. I must read this, I have little choice in the matter. provided this is real and not another hallucination.

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as someone who has seen his "acting" on WWe programing I pray to which ever deity that is listening that they pass him over. hhe can not act. at all. they need to stop putting wrestlers in places they don't belong. find actors to act. no Bautista, no Rock, no Kevin Nash, no Triple H. enough is enough. it's time for a change.
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Hawkeye. pick a number. 
Captain America #2. NOW. 
Thor: God of Thunder. !,2, or 4.  
Masks. #1. Dynamite. 
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damn, you beat me to it. this was perfect in every sense. blending elements from all over the franchise. hell they even got Robbie Rist to voice Michaelangelo. cousin Oliver strikes agian. frankly I thing the creature effects were damn good given the  small budget ($20,000), particularly since I wasn't expecting them to even try it let alone include a whole bodied turtle and Krang. as for Hilarion Banks (Casey Jones) from what director Polaris Banks and Hilarion's brother said on the revenge of the Nerd web cast his resemblance to the character was a driving force in creating it. I bought the song too.
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hmm... there is some potential here. seeing the title Defenders leaves me to wonder and hope if it will keep with the trend of the defender's oddness and loose roster. then again, "undead Asgardians". so there is hope. damn I'm out of the loop. 
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@AskaniSon295 said:

Can we get Access to bring the Joker over from the dcu and Jason Todd this dude.

10 points for remembering Access.
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@Hatutzeraze: not sure myself but then again Vic came in around the 80's I believe and Charles was invented somewhere in the 90's. either was the Question came first, ask Liberty if you're really interested. he'll know for sure, the Question and the rest of the Charlton pantheon are kind of his thing.