What I would have done: One More Day

Hey guys! I have some free time on my hands (just enough to make this, but don't worry June will be Zsasz month!)  so i figured I'd start  a regular blog column. With this column i figured i can post my thoughts on things that had potential to be good but were squandered. So without further a due here is what i would have done with the infamous spider-man event known as one more day...

On a whole the premise isn't necessarily too bad honestly (honest writing opinion), showing the fallout of aunt may's bullet wound and being treated while Peter and MJ are fugitives. It was an interesting scenario to put them in and besides the obvious plot hole involving doctor strange (are you honestly telling me the sorcerer supreme can't remove a single bullet?!) I'm ok with it. I'm not even necessarily angry with mephisto being involved with the story, he is a great way to tempt peter into making a rash and irresponsible decision (cause we know he would never make a deal with the devil... right???). I actually enjoyed it when peter was being shown his other lives, it was very heart wrenching to me anyway.

But here is where i would change things. Wouldn't it be much more interesting story wise for Peter to have said no to mephisto and deal with the consequences of revealing his identity to the public?   This way Aunt May as she says it can finally be reunited with uncle ben and besides that if peter made such a decision his relationship with MJ would only be stronger since now they would be all they have left. And not only that but Peter would also in effect be fulfilling what his uncle Ben always taught him. The ever so famous line "with great power comes great responsibility". See how close this story could have come to being at least good? I bet this is exactly what JMS would have done with the characters if Quesada hadn't forced him to erase the marriage.

Now i suppose the question remains what would i do after this if i could? Fortunately i do have a little bit of an idea to this. Imagine the fugitive movies but with spider-man. Spidey continues to be a hero in spite of the registration act while MJ essentially becomes his non costumed partner (think like an alfred character) boosting him up and helping him to get through the rough times. The villains of the run could be his traditional rogues but also the registered heroes as well! throw in the new avengers as reoccurring guest stars and i think you could have had one hell of a story.

Sp what do you guys think? Could this have worked or are we better off with what we have (i don't think so but I'm sure some people feel differently) plus if you want to see more of these in the future just let me know and I'll pump them out whenever i can.

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Posted by Kairan1979
that could definitely work better than OMD/BND.
By the way, there was a perfect moment to undo Peter's unmasking - when he confronted Scarlet Spiders in Avengers: The Initiative, and they told media the story that Peter Parker was just a test pilot of a Spider Suit.
Posted by moviegeek17
 Thanks man, at this point i don't think you could do much worse than those two terrible storylines
And i did not know that, i guess thats a writing fail on marvel's part too
Posted by Primmaster64

Indeed...WAY better.

Posted by moviegeek17
Thanks! i really enjoyed writing down my thoughts about this one. i think im going to keep doing blogs like this in the future.
Posted by GundamHeavyarms

That does sound like a pretty good idea, I could imagine it being called The Amazing Spider-Man: World's most Wanted!

Posted by moviegeek17
thanks man! though i probably would call it something different since i think there's an iron man story called that. at least i think that lol
Posted by GundamHeavyarms
@moviegeek17: Aw #### there is one called that isn't it.  How about Wanted: Squished or Alive!
Posted by moviegeek17
lol im sure jms could find a way to make it work
Posted by Timandm
@moviegeek17: You're COMPLETELY right in that he should have said no...  Aunt May would absolutely NEVER have approved of the deal...  Think on a few things:

Yes, Aunt May would have died, but she lived a long and happy life.  She FINALLY knew Peter's Secret and she was PROUD  OF HIM... She was Proud and happy that he was married to Mary Jane.  His deal saved her life, so she'll continue to live...at least for a few more years.  And the few years that she gains, would she say was worth all that he gave away?  Mary Jane?  Her being proud of his being Spider-Man (scared but proud).  His DAUGHTER THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN! (Mayday Parker)

He didn't just trade his marriage for Aunt May's life, but he traded the life of his DAUGHTER... (I realize he didn't know about her at the time, but any young married couple that plans to stay married realizes they are likely to have children.  He gave up ANY he and M.J. may have had.)  Aunt May would have been disappointed beyond words.

He could have let Aunt May go, and used his genius and super-chemistry know how to turn M.J. into INVULNERABLE M.J.  That way his family would be safe from villains.  Problem solved...  If he's always going to worry about keeping his civilian life family and friends safe from super villains, then he should simple hang out with and date only super heroes...again, problem solved.

Also, with the way things have changed from when Spider-Man first came out, the idea of a secret identity is becoming obsolete.  I LIKE the idea of the secret identity, but in the marvel universe with the ease of DNA testing, voice recognition, scent recognition, and computer technology, it's hardly realistic (in the marvel universe) to think one could actually keep their identity a secret...

It's time for a major "paradigm shift."  I can't believe I actually used that term...but there it is. 
Posted by moviegeek17
Glad you agree man, you summed up the aunt may bit even better than i did lol.
On the mary jane not though he wouldn't even have to make her invulnerable since he was living with the new avengers at that time and they would have been more than capable of keeping her safe when peter is busy being spidey, plus the new avengers were able to keep a pregnant jessica jones mind you safe for the most part so marvel clearly had no intention of allowing peter to deal with the consequences of his choice. and i admittingly have not read all of JMS's run on the character but i know damn well that he could have made the peter parker fugitive concept work!

Cause he is a real writer and he wouldn't devolve a character simply because the audience wants him to be single again or because its too hard to write a spiderman without  a secret identity. it can work you just need the right people behind it.

thanks for the comment btw!
Posted by War Killer

I like you're theory, and I think everyone agrees that...

Aunt May should have just died, the lady has defied death multiple times over Peter's years of Spider-Man. In truth it shouldn't have been the wound that killed for but the sheer annoyance that every time she's about reunite with her long dead husband, she's kept him yet again. To be honest if I was Aunt May, I would just beg Peter to let me die after the crap she's had to go through over the years.

As for Peter's identity being public, to me it's something new and fresh and something we've really have NEVER seen before in the Spider-Man comics. I would have liked to see what his life would be like if he didn't have everyone's minds erased. Would have made sense too, Spidey and Mary Jane would run to the New Avengers, this would keep them both save since MJ is really the only person Pete would have left, Pete would continue being Spider-Man, fighting against his old villains who now know the truth, not to mention dealing with Jameson and becoming mayor still. Also it we could see some character devolpment with MJ and Jessica Jones since they would be the wives of the team, couldn't you picture them both messing with Peter and Luke when MJ learns that Jessica liked Peter in high school? xD I mean we'd then get to see him go through Secret Invasion, facing Norman Osborn in Dark Reign, not to mention actually getting some slack when the Heroic Age would eventually arrive, heck that could be a period where we see Peter being praised as Spider-Man.

 I just think that it was a lame and pointless gimmick that in truth could have lead to many new stories that we will now never get to see if Marvel would have just stuck with what they've been doing over the past few years with changing the very landscape of the Marvel Universe ONLY to reverse it and act as if nothing happened.

Posted by Timandm

Hmmm... Spidey as a fugitive... I didn't really think about that when I made that first comment but actually it WOULD make a great story.  I have to admit I'd be pissed off at Marvel for ONCE AGAIN messing with Spidey, but they thought of Spidey living on the lam?  Perhaps creating a new identity (while trying to hide that he's spider-man) and infiltrating the underworld to either prove his innocence, or protect the ones he loves.... It could be far more interesting than these large crossover story arcs Marvel has been doing...  So, what would be the title of the series?
- Dark Spider?
- Spider-Lam?
- Uncer Cover Spider

Posted by Overseer

This sounds like an exellent and very natural alternative to OMD. I can just imagine the big Aunt May funeral as we get a Raimi style outro narration from Peter about how the most important lesson in life is to let go of things. To be able to say good bye to what must leave no matter how hard it is and embrace the unknown future, no matter how diffrent it is as a SHIELD soldier in the crowd watching the funeral from a distance walks off and his hand turns green (Secret Invasion was going on at the time). 
Spidey as a fugitive would have been pretty cool. I can see the story arc title now; Public Enemy Number 1: Spider-Man, Civil War Fugitives: Spider-Man, Spider-Man: Dead or Alive as old and new Spidey villains and allies are hired to capture or kill Spider-Man as he and Mary Jane find a temporary home at F.E.A.S.T., Spidey uncovers Harry Osborn is still alive or if he's just a Skrull, faces Norman Osborn's Thunderbolts and the return of Eddie Brock as AntiVenom. MJ faces new compatition as some sexual tension builds between Spidey and Ms. Marvel (of coarse MJ would win out), J.J. loses the Bugle, a team up with Ghost Rider to stop Mephisto's Revenge, ect.
Plus he would still have his Dissassembled and Other powers, MJ would be more relevant that ever and as previously mentioned by Kairan1979 the identity thing was already being worked out so if worse came to worse, Marvel already had a more beleivalbe way to return his identity to a secret. Plus JMS may still be writing one of the Spidey books. Admittingly, I too haven't actually read any of JMS's Spidey run but from what I know about it, JMS is one of my definative Adult Spider-Man writers. 
This definatly would have made a better alternative OMD/BND and OMIT (the character deaths of Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Mary Jane respectively).
Posted by NexusOfLight

Quite honestly, I don't think that woulda been a better alternative to One More Day's things that came after it. Spider-Man on the run from the law kinda sounds exactly like Dark Reign.