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Yeah, google maps has helped me a bit. I'm looking into Comix Revolution, Challengers Comics and Keith's Comics at the moment. Was just hoping to hear some overwhelming praise towards one particular comic shop, though knowing my luck it probably would be toward Graham Cracker....

I'm not sure if that was meant to be a joke or not, but I'm not much of a fisher lol. Not above giving it a shot though.


Gotcha, well that stinks especially.

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Wow this thread blew up, kind of reminds me of the old days again.


lol well I appreciate that Cap, I'll figure out something to do with this site soon enough


Thanks for the heads up on Challengers Comics. That shop looks pretty cool, I'll definitely check it out.


I wish I could go to Graham Cracker Comics all the time, but the transit cost would be too much to make it worth it.


What kind of issues? Do you use Comixology?

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I've been doing pretty well. I graduated college in May, so I'm looking for real world job and such (real fun stuff). As for your other question, I think I will. I've certainly missed the site, though I'll have to figure out what to do here at some point.


How's Magneto? I checked out the first two issues of Moon Knight and dug it, though I'm primarily a trade buyer so I decided to finish the rest up when it hits trade.

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Fair enough, what books do you pick up digitally?


Hey man, long time no see! I just popped back on yesterday so you didn't miss me for long. How have you been?


Hyde park sounds pretty awesome regardless. I may have to check that one out when I'm around that area. I've been looking into some stores through google maps and such, just figured I'd see if any of the more frequent viners knew of one in particular that's better than the others.

I'm considering giving this one called Keith's comics a shot.

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@The_Deathstroker: Either way I appreciate the welcoming. I checked one store downtown called Graham Cracker Comics, they were awesome but sadly I need to find a place that's a bit closer.

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@The_Deathstroker: thanks. I'm liking the area so far, but starting over with a new shop kinda sucks. Hence the thread.

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I'm not used to saying this these days, but well played Marvel. Ellis had a great voice for Moon Knight on his Secret Avengers run, so I'll definitely pick this up in trade.

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@mtrakos said:

@lifeboy: ahem thats Brubaker

I'm assuming you meant brubaker and if that's the case I shall second that!

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This sounds completely unnecessary, why add on to Tony's origin? It was fine the way it was...

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Iron Fist would make for a cool mentor, plus he seems like he'd be fun to chill with.