My Buy List - Dec 10

My Week errr.... Month in Review

As you can see it has been a little over a month since my last blog post. Most of this has to do with the fact that in November we had a death in my wife's family and that needed immediate attention so that we could coordinate our schedules to get her to the funeral. Since that tragic event, I have been seriously behind in my comic book reading. On top of that, however, was the Thanksgiving holiday which kept me out of town for a week, the release of the new Dresden Files book "Cold Days" that I just needed to read, and a couple of birthdays meant that I just finally got caught up on all my reading (most of it at least, I still haven't read the last Dr. Who / Star Trek Crossover Comic). Needless to say my brain is a muddled, useless heap from so much reading in such a short span of time. I can say for certain that I have been enjoying reading the Marvel Now Deadpool and New X-Men comics. Of course Batman, Swamp Thing, and Animal Man are still consistently at the top of my list of favorites. I'm a little sad to say, though, that while I am enjoying the Death of the Family arc in the Batman title, most of the tie-ins haven't been enjoying for me to read. Catwoman's story seems random and the images portrayed seem halfway like a drug induced hallucination. Red Hood's tie in seemed a little forced and should have been one of the better scenes in the tie-in. Batgirl's title has been the best of the bunch to me, being the most personal and demented attack I feel against any of the Bat Family members. Suicide Squad's wasn't as bad as some. But here's hoping the quality gets picked up a bit this month. Likewise, I feel the whole Third Army event has fallen a bit flat. I'm not really invested in this story so far and it doesn't seem like a very major threat, yet. I will just be posting my list today and not my thoughts on each issue. I hope to get back into that groove next week!


1. Batgirl #15

2. Batman #15

3. Batman And Robin #15

4. Demon Knights #15

5. Green Lantern Corps #15

6. Suicide Squad #15

7. Fantastic Four #2

8. Cable And X-Force #1

Game Day Decisions

1. Avengers Arena #1

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