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What I don't like is that we haven't heard any mention of Hawkman or Katana since Forever Evil started. Did the writers just decide these two members don't matter anymore?

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What I don't understand is why would you publish 2 stories in the Red Daughter storyline before the Supergirl issue comes out explaining how she got the red ring? Its a really distracting issue that comes in the middle of a seriously trying time for the Corps, yet they still have the time to deal with it? Feels like poor decision making to me.

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@captain13: I would consider GLC a team book as well because it's not a John Stewart solo book.

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@redhood21 said:

again with the complaining.... right now we have more black, hispanic, asian, and LGBT characters than ever with more being made all the time.... god forbid characters in the "future" resemble their modern day counterparts

Your statement doesn't really tell me what your point is. Sure we have more black, hispanic, asian, and LGBT characters than ever...but are you implying that it's enough? Because it sounds like the same argument used today towards people racist toward black people, "you have more rights than ever." but question, is that enough? And there are no A list non-white superheroes out there (characters that have high sales). So we don't have enough, especially where it counts (at the top).

I don't think that your point is that relevant. You're making it out to be like the comic industry is racist when it really comes down to the market. When it comes to the market, your primary comic book readers are white males. Batwing isn't ranked 207 on October's sales charts because the publisher's are racist. Vibe's comic is listed at 224. The fact of the matter is that their are considerable less African and Latin Americans that read comic books and like you said yourself, a culture is predisposed to read about characters that are most like themselves. Just because DC features a more diverse cast, isn't going to increase sales and it isn't going to cause a more diverse market.

We don't have any A-List diverse comic book characters because the market isn't supporting them, not because the industry isn't writing about them.

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Didn't like this issue. All the dialogue was way off and way too cheesy for me.

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That would be less a war and more a rebellion really and if it were true it would make me like the issue even less. The whole point of the series is to be a war for who controls Gotham in the wake of Forever Evil, plus there was all that stuff about the Penguin getting ready for Bane's attack. If that issue summed up Bane 'taking control' I will be severely disappointed.

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@monkeytoe said:

I agree with the issues you point out, Greg, but for me they keep me from enjoying this issue as much as I want to. The idea is awesome and I want to see more, but this issue doesn't make me feel like Bane is wise enough to win this war or to really be that major of a threat. But his opposition doesn't seem that much smarter! This should be building up to an epic battle. Instead it left me scratching my head. I only gave it 3 stars, mostly for concept.

I think he's already the ruler of Gotham, they will now try to take away Gotham from him.

That's not what I got from the book. Point 1.) Gordon says "Gotham's been split between a dozen homicidal Arkham escapees." Point 2.) Even Bane says, "What Arkham and its mad idiots thought it controlled is now mine."

So I don't see how you come to the conclusion that he is already the ruler.