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Too Many Dead Heroes 0

To many heroes ended up dying in this issue. Dupli-Kate and her copies are ripped to shreds by Komodo Dragon, Shrinking Ray gets eaten by Komodo Dragon, and Rex Splode gets shot in the head by King Lizard. I can understand them killing of one character in this issue, but, three! That's just ridiculous! And why kill of those characters? Dupli-Kate, Rex Splode, and Shrinking Ray were cool characters. One other thing, if it was absolutely necessary for Dupli-Kate to die, why did she have to die in ...

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Spider-Girl's Toughest Opponent Yet! 0

Mayhem may be Spider-Girl's toughest opponents yet! She knows almost everything May knows, she knows were May's family lives because she lives in the same house, and she resents May Parker for being the original, and that she is the clone. she is increasingly more violent then Spider-Girl is. She is like Spider-girl's version of Venom. Worse. she knows more about Spider-Girl, then Venom knew about Spider-Man. Plus, now she has lost her mind, believing she is a better Spider-Girl then May Parker ...

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Zzzzzz.... 0

This issue of Spider-man was kind of lame. Mostly all dialogue and very little action in it at all. There were no super-villians in it at all. The only bad guys Spider-man seemed to be after was a judge who was taking bribes, and a bunch of mobsters. (Oh, I'm so scared...Not!) On the upside of things, they finally brought Gwen Stacy into the comic book. Another good part was the trap at the end; weren't they surprised. That was funny! But, other then that this issue of Spider-man was a major yaw...

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Ups and Downs 0

 I recently bought Amazing Spider-Man #630, and I have to say it had it's ups and downs. On the upside, the detail of the comic book artwork in this issue was really detailed and realistic. It also brought out the savageness that is the Lizard. Another good thing was it brought the Black Cat into the story to once again fight crime alongside Spider-Man. It showed the conflict in Peter Parker's personal life; which woman should he date: Carlie Cooper, his newest love interest, or the Black Cat, a...

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