White Tigers

I know Hector Ayala was the first White Tiger and Angela Del Toro was the second White Tiger. But, then they skip right to the fifth White Tiger, Ava Ayala. What happened to the third and fourth White Tigers? Who are they anyway?

White Tiger V-Ava Ayala

I Don't Like These Changes!!!

I don't like the sound of any of the changes Dc is going to make with the Flashpoint story arc. For example, their turning Wonder girl into a thief, and Supergirl into an uncaring heroine. I don't even know who these characters are anymore. Some of these changes will ruin some of my favorite DC heroes for me! I know some changes are necessary, but this is too much! All I know is, after they make these character changes, some of my favorite DC characters won't be my favorites anymore. I may have to stop reading DC Comics for awhile, at least until they put the characters back the way they are supposed to be! To me, the Flashpoint story arc is DC's equivalent  of Marvel's Brand New Day story arc. In other words, DC is making a horrible mistake!

Will Stephanie Brown stay as Batgirl?

When Barbara Gordon returns as Batgirl, what will happen to Stephanie Brown? Will she have to give up being Batgirl? I sure hope not. She makes a great Batgirl, even if she's not as good as the original. 

Stephanie Brown/New Batgirl

New Costume Ideas For Spider-Man

New costume ideas for Spider-Man:

  • Spider-Man could have a nano-tech costume like he did on the Spider-Man: Unlimited series, but, without the tattered cape. Plus, It would have all of the same abilities .
  • Spider-Man could have a nanite costume with abilities similar to the symbiotic suit; without the added aggression, of course!
  • Both ideas could be combined into one cool costume!


Spider-Man's New Costume 2

I dont like Spider-Man's newest costume in Amazing Spider-Man #656. It doesn't look that cool. In fact, it looks kinda lame. Why can't he just stick with the costumes he already has? Or make his new costume look cooler, instead of looking like its made of chainmail? Right now that new costume looks lame.  

Spider-Man_Armored Costume

From Beautiful To Ugly!

Here they go again, turning an awesome character into something lame. For example, Sin, the Red Skull's daughter. They went and scarred her face so that now she looks exactly like her father. Why did they have to ruin Sin's face by making her look like her father. She could have still been the new Red Skull without having her face scarred; she could have a badge or emblem on her outfit of a red skull to show who she was. Instead, they transform her from being beautiful and sexy, to being ugly and disturbing. From Beautiful To Ugly!



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Are they really going to kill of Ultimate Spider-Man?

Are they really going to kill of Ultimate Spider-Man? He is a key character of the Ultimate Marvel Universe! It fact, thats how the whole Ultimate Marvel Universe got started in the first place! If they kill off this character, I won't ever read anything having to do with Ultimate Marvel ever again! Don't kill off Ultimate Spider-Man!! 


Flash Thompson As Venom

Flash Thompson as Venom? Spider-Man's #1 fan teamed up with his ultimate enemy? I don't think this is going to end well. Flash Thompson likes Spider-Man, but doesn't like Peter Parker. Another thing to remember is that Flash Thompson has anger issues; the symbiote can use that to take over completely. Plus, Flash won't want to give up the symbiote so easily if it gives him his legs back, not even for his country. Put this all together and it adds up to a huge and chaotic climax! 
Venom IV (Flash Thompson)     

The New Spider-Girl

The first Spider-Girl was for an alternate universe, Earth-982. The new Spider-Girl is for the mainsteam Marvel Universe, Earth-616. The mainstream Marvel Universe needs a Spider-Girl in it. I know the first Spider-Girl has more of a connection to Spider-Man, but Arana has spider-powers to and can do a great deal of good as Spider-Girl. Some comic fans have second thoughts about Arana being the new Spider-Girl, but, Arana being the new Spider-Girl is a good thing!