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Very nice list!

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He's a god, he has larger responsibilities than hanging around some needy Earth b*tch.


Jane - "I saw you on TV, you were in New York!"

Thor - "Oh you saw me on TV? If you did then you might've noticed I was a little busy fighting back an ALIEN INVASION! So you'll just have to forgive me if I didn't have time to stop by for a quickie!"

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GEEZ!!! Who would've ever thought that Marvel, the same people who gave us those awesome X-Men, Spider-Man, Fantastic Four, and Hulk cartoons back in the day would go from given us a horrible take on the Avengers in the 90's to an awesome take on them a just couple years ago back to what looks to be some more crap. smh

And another thing, (and I know not everybody will agree with me on this one but it must be said) this obsession on the part of Marvel and Disney with making Tony Stark/Iron Man the primary focus of the team HAS GOT TO STOP! Cap is the leader, and one thing about EMH no matter how many new team member's they added or how many individual character driven episodes they had they never let the viewers lose sight of that, but if this trailer is any indication I don't see that being the case with this new series.

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I look at this and I can't help but think about what that damn Rob Liefeld did to this great character during his run on Deathstroke this past year. In a matter of four issues he managed to ruin the New 52 incarnations of both Lobo and Zealot and pretty much insure that the Deathstroke book would be canceled, DAMN YOU LIEFELD!!!

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@ccraft said:

thanks for the review, you just saved me $8

Me too! Nice try DC, trying to sucker me in with that Kenneth Rocaforth cover. Thank you Sara for giving us the true rundown in this review.

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Where does this new armor leave Rhodey a.k.a War Machine a.k.a Iron Man 2.0 and Pepper a.k.a Rescue? (forgive me if this has already been addressed I haven't been reading any Marvel other than AvX and Ultimate Marvel)

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After looking at that why do I get the impression that Catwoman will be working with Bane?