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TIME OUT! This looks great and all but can someone explain to me how is Atlanna is the mother of Aquaman and Ocean Master, and the daughter of the deceased king of Atlantis but Orm calls him father?

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I've been saying this since AvX ended, the next major Marvel crossover event should be a war epic featuring Wakanda and Atlantis. I mean after what Namor did to Atlantis in AvX I don't understand why this hasn't happened yet obviously there is still huge tension between Namor and T'Challa.

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nope I'm right here with you friend.

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@chrisj_1: Regarding your question about Knowhere as it compares to the full bodied Celestial depicted in the film, I was wondering the exact same thing. According to Wikipedia Knowhere in the comics is described as a "dimensional crossroads and scientific observatory" it gives no mention to it having any connection to the Celestials. As far as the movie goes I just see it as being an oversight on the part of the film makers, however I know for me just seeing a Celestial depicted onscreen (however brief) made me not even pay that much attention to it.

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If you were to imagine a world where the Wonder Woman animated film doesn't exist but DC/Warner Bros. made a live action film with the same storyline, a great actress in the lead role, good supporting actors and actresses, and Nathan Fillion still as Steve Trevor then we would be heralding it as a cinematic masterpiece, one of the best movies based on a comic book ever and eagerly anticipating the sequel. So with that being said I'm voting for WW.

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To me this battle was more than just Deathstroke vs. Black Panther, this was also Nth metal vs. Vibranium and the majority went with the latter. Don't get me wrong I'm not trying to downplay BP's victory (I personally thought this could go either way) its just clear by the comments that more folks believe that Vibranium is the more proven fictional metal and that's just fine.

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Actually that was after Liefeld's run when Justin Jordan and Edgar Salazar had taken over the title and it was starting to get good again.

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For the first time in a while I'm forced to go with "too close to call" here not because they are two of my favorite characters, but primarily because of their gear. BP is using his vibranium lace outfit and New 52 Deathstroke's armor is made of N'th metal, however in this area I'm willing to give a slight advantage to BP because I believe it was in Deathstroke #18 that his armor was pierced by what at least appeared to be normal steel samurai sword so I have to question N'th metal's dexterity in the New 52.

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Yes Cap's new duds are totally awesome, and I think the concept of Elizabeth Olsen as Scarlet Witch is really starting to grow on me

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C.C.H Pounder (the actress who voices Waller) would be perfect to play Waller on screen. I mean she's not chubby but oh well she is still a very talented actress.