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@arcus said:

Mobb Deep and Veritas

Best teams ever!!!


Controversial Chaos!!!! THAT'S WHAT THE RP WAS CALLED!!!

Sounds like a title I would use LOL

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@the_hunter: LOL!!! You know you are excited....and I would never let someone spit in my face, they would be electrified instantly HAHAHA

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@maya_liafador: It will lead to something major, pretty sure people won't make it out alive

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Sorry I took so long to post! Ended my part in this, prepping for a bigger badder event coming soon!

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"I know who sent this man to kill us... We need a jet."

Before The Hunter could call the order in, a blue aura began to shimmer behind Kurrent. In an instant a hooded figure appeared and with the ferocity of a hungry lion attacked The Electric Ace. In the blink of an eye The Hunter’s most trusted ally fell limp, head turned completely around. The hooded figure quickly raised his right hand towards Greystoke. His gear became heavy as if he was being magnetized to the ground by them.

“Down boy”, said the man in the hood and the look on The Hunter’s revealed that he know who this mystery man was. Releasing his grasp on him the hooded man used both hands to remove his cover. Before The Hunter stood his friend, and ally Kurrent.

“What the hell is this?” remarked Greystoke as he gripped the hilt of his sword. His tone was fierce and his demeanor was begging for a reason to attack.

Quickly Kurrent, the real Kurrent began to speak…”This is all been a game. A dirty game that someone has been playing and we are the players. For the past five years I have been trying to handle this on my own but it has gotten out of hand. What is happened now is a game changer, this is an end game”

He paused in order to give the Hunter a chance to process what he had just told him and began to go more into detail…”This all started a few years back I was in a village in Asia minding my own damn business when the attacks started happening on me. Looks like I was number one on the kill list. Then out of nowhere you show up, we throw down and I win but I knew that something wasn’t right. I had my own autopsy and found this…”

With his free hand he waved it over the dead body which was in front of him. A strong burst of power resonated from his hand. The sound of ripping flesh and cracking bones could be heard and before you knew it a metal orb now rested in his palm.

“This, my friend is a tech like nothing I have ever seen. It has the power to copy and manipulate DNA” He motioned at the Hunter to look down at the body which no longer had the likeness of Kurrent but it was that of an elderly man.

“I was able to track down where the fake Hunter came from and it lead me to Thailand. They are using these orbs to animate dead bodies as carbon copies of us. They have legions of copies of me, you, Feral Nova, Slight, Sha, Gambler, the list goes on. I think this new attempt, “the all heroes must die” crap is trying to flesh everyone out so they can steal the blood and make more. It’s been weeks since I had a lead but now with the info from your Scooby snack over there we can get to the bottom of this."

Skeptically the Hunter looked at Kurrent and said, “If what you are saying is true, how do you know I am not a fake?” A large grin came upon The Ace’s face almost as if we wanted to say this to him, “because I have killed sixty seven of you, and none of them have smelled as bad”

To be continued….

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Looks like its going down in here. I am going to catch up here in a bit

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Its getting real hahaha Nice one Hunter

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