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Looks like its going down in here. I am going to catch up here in a bit

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Its getting real hahaha Nice one Hunter

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I really want to see what happens between you and the hound

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Time for some action Hunter

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He took the weapons that were offered to him and looked them over before sliding them into the holster of his belt where the sticks he used in the past used to dwell nodding slightly in gratitude. Suddenly, as he was about to speak a message came across the television that sent a chilling silence around the room.

This just in….the former site of the headquarters of the long forgotten group Veritas Inc. has decimated. There have been no reports of any hero activity from that location since the team was active but like many other attacks in the recent days the same message was displayed putting all of the world’s heroes on notice. Signing off this is Ma…..CLICK

It was evident that Greystoke was as angry and he was as he turned off the one of several screens on his wall that gave the bad news. “These are dark times my friend, it’s time to be proactive not reactive. Who can you think of that has the resources to handle something of this magnitude? ”.

Before he could answer Kurrent put his hand up in the air like he was requesting The Hunter not to speak. Call it a hunch but something was not right, he felt it in his bones. He looked at the display on the wall that showed the camera outside of the door to Williams’s office. The men that had Kurrent in custody were now in a stacked formation outside of the Hunters door with the squad leaders counting down with his fingers 5…4… In a whisper he asked even though he already knew the answer, “those men that brought me up here are not Wolf Pack, right?”

By the look on Hunter’s face it was evident that this was not his doing and that whoever was behind the murders close to crossing off two names from the list. In a swift motion Kurrent pulled his new sticks and took a fighting stance preparing for the upcoming melee… “too bad Hunter you are going to mess up your fancy suit”


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It's going down!!!! I love it.

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@_sojourn_: NICE!!! You're character always keeps it real

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I'm hoping more bad guys post this is wide open for anyone who really wants to make a name for themself