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Honestly, the Bruce Wayne bits are the best part of the show to me. Do I want the show to be entirely about Bruce? Nope, but the small doses we are getting is awesome. Honestly I feel like Bruce should -slowly- become the main character of the series. (And by slowly I mean over the course of many seasons.)

We have never really been able to see an in depth look at a Bruce during this time period. I'm all for him being in it like they have been doing.

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Ollie used his trick arrows to rig the poll. Game. Set. Match.

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Err..I know most of y'all are referring to the whole moon sealing thing...but wasn't the original sealing dimensional type? It's not like actually containing something inside of an object per se, but more the object is a portal. Chuunin exam comes to mind when Iruka was summoned from where he was by using the seals.

Also, I'm not so sure Hulk would resist genjutsu. It takes chakra to resist genjutsu. I think Sasuke could entrap the hulk.

Also, Naruto does have healing regen thanks to the Bijuu. Not wolverine level I don't think, but he is capable of regeneration.

In a straight up brawl, the hulks obviously win. But Team Shinobi just have so many other ways to win. Just teleport Hulk to different dimension. Seal them away. Molecular attacks. Etc.

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Favorite part of the episode for me?

Bruce sneaking up on Alfred/Gordon. Just had this image in my mind of how often he will sneak away from Gordon in the future on the rooftop...

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After watching the pilot I can confirm that

Renee maintains her sexuality. She and Jim's fiance used to have a thing.

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I don't know...Ironman and Spidey would go down fairly quickly I think. They just are not fast enough to react to his movements and lack the ability to tank his attacks..

Hulk and Thor are the problem cause they can tank pretty much everything. That said, Sasuke's genjutsu (illusions cast by merely looking at his eyes) would be a serious detriment to hulk and thor. They would not have any concept of reality. And correct me if I'm wrong, but does Thor or Hulk have anyway of combating Sasuke's illusions? Like it is very different that Loki from what I understand.

Sasuke's illusions actually interact with the person's brain and make them think/feel what he is controlling. Without Chakra, they don't really have a way to break through that. He could turn them into mental vegetables...Itachi would have an easier time of it, but I think Sasuke could manage it....

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Personally, I think Sony/Marvel/Fox/and yes even DC need to consider the possibility of renting out their character licenses. Sony holds the rights to Spiderman? Great. Let marvel rent Andrew Garfield for a movie so we can have an Avenger spiderman.

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Batman vs. Predator

Batman vs. Terminator (All versions)

Batman vs. Alien

Batman vs. All of the above

My choices for the next battle of the week.

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First of all...I really think it depends on which universe has the most powerful item/resources...with infinite prep...either one of them could get to it. Then it's a matter of using those things..

Just my opinion as I don't really know much about the objects of either.

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Round 1: Team 1.

That's the only one they win. When Kenobi was 18 in the Jedi Padawan series Jinn was already stating that Kenobi would surpass him soon. Kenobi just simply a better swordsman/combatant. Partially due to the war and partially due to Jinn's philosophical focus.

Dooku is the threat here, and as shown in ROTS they can take him.