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Just updated with pictures and a revised final paragraph.

Wow, tl;dr.

But I'm really excited about getting the guidebook today and looking through it, myself.

Side note, maybe you should clean this up and make a/edit the wiki page for the Multiverse?

Thanks. I'll consider it, but this has been my first post in a while because I haven't had a lot of time for comic blogging these days...

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Nice write up...I think tdkr and watchmen are untouchable stories and thats why they are not included

On a side note could you tell me if thrillkiller is worth reading?

I've actually never read Thrillkiller. I only identified it through research. It sounds really interesting, though. Batgirl and Robin are fighting crime through the underground hipster scenes of the 1960's. Twilight also seems worth the read, and I'm really intrigued by how Morrison built Earth-37 by connecting all of the Howard Chaykin stories together. Chaykin is a pretty interesting creator. He does dark and gritty pretty well with a certain level of intelligence. In my opinion, if you're interested at all then you should read it. I will.

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@saren said:

Nice write-up. I'm surprised Earth-31 isn't the TDKR Earth any more. Also interesting to note that the League on the Red Rain Earth appear to actually be vampiric versions of the Crime Syndicate. That's a vampire Ultraman, like at the end of FC.

Yeah, I was a little taken aback that TDKR was taken out. Most of the Multiverse stayed consistent between Countdown and Multiversity, but not that. 52 #52 also had Earth-50 as the Wildstorm universe, but now it belongs to the Justice Lords. I figure that was done because Wildstorm's part of Earth-0 now. I have no clue why they took out TDKR. Good catch with the vampire Ultraman!

Really great history lesson. Enjoyed reading it.

Thanks for reading!

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This goddamn guy...

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I thought that Old Man Logan was pretty fun...

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Nah, no need to apologize. I was sort of flattered. Once again, great work on the list and thank you for tracking this guy down for me.

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@squalleon: Do you or does anyone else know what the story was with ckuakini? I'm curious because my description of the Sons of Superman story from my Favorite Superman Stories list is used word for word by him in the nomination (all except for the creator credits which are completely false). I tried to look him up on the site, but his profile is nowhere to be found. It looks like a lot of his messages have been deleted from the 'Vine as well. It's a funny little mystery especially since the guy aped my words. Anyone know anything on ckuakini?

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I wish I had been active on comicvine when this list was being made, but I'm quite pleased with how it turned out. Another great organizing gig from @the_poet. I'm also very grateful that two underdog stories I've made a point to hype up made the list (#'s 72 and 75), and I've got a feeling @squalleon had something to do with that. Great work everyone! You made Supes proud...

...That being said, I really wish Superman #162, "The Amazing Story of Superman-Red and Superman-Blue," had made the list... ;)

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About time.

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I was a little disappointed back when this thread failed to spark any interest. Part of the charm of getting into superhero comics for me was the fact that there was this alternate history to learn and that was set in stone. Games like this were fun because they allowed you to relive and re-imagine stories you hadn't thought about in years. I guess that's why I like alternate universe stories too. I feel like that age is probably behind us to a point. Now the only people who will participate in these games are older fans and the morbidly obsessed (like me).

On the other hand, this is probably for the best. I vaguely remember an Alan Moore quote where he insults superhero fans as being trivia obsessed and impressed by their own knowledge of stories no one else cares about. Tight history and continuity like this also stifles creativity and makes writers adhere to whatever came before it no matter how ridiculous or out of characterization. So many new readers hate retcons like One More Day but so few of them have actually read stories older then MAYBE two decades (apart from the major ones). Maybe this will allow for a Brand New Day where fans aren't trivia obsessed and can accept new visions and bold creative paths.

Or maybe no one wanted to play my stupid game :p. Anyway, have a great day guys and keep reading. It's worth it.