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Amazing insights, all. I really like Jekylhyde14's take on the emanations thing. But the further question arises: If there are multiple emanations on multiple Earths, then does that mean there are also multiple versions of Apokolips and New Genesis? To reiterate, I can totally buy that Johns' New 52 Darkseid is an emanation of the higher version that exists outside and above, but we've seen him and his cronies (which must be emanations themselves) hangin around Apokolips. And we've seen New Genesis in the New 52 as well. Are these God Realms merely emanations of the REAL Apokolips and REAL New Genesis? Also, does the same apply to the Rock of Eternity?

Thanks for reading and for the kind words! Sorry I didn't reply sooner. My best guess where New Genesis and Apokolips are concerned is that they're emanations of the real thing just like the gods themselves. As I said before, the emanations theory is just a personal theory, but it makes sense considering the New Gods we've seen on Earth-0 look different from the New Gods seen on Earth-51 in The Multiversity Guidebook. I can only assume that if the gods are different then the planets are different as well and, therefore, emanations of the higher Apokolips and New Genesis.

I can, maybe, be more specific when it comes to the Rock of Eternity. We know that the wizard Shazam seen in Earth-0 is much different from the wizard Shazam on Earth-5. However, the Rock of Eternity seems to rest on top of and below The House of Heroes on the Map of the Multiverse. In the Multiversity #1, Captain Carrot says The House of Heroes is "-rotating through the fifth dimension around a fixed point in the structure of the multiversal Orrery of Worlds!" The fact that it's rotating through the fifth dimension and Bleedspace causes the architecture of The House of Heroes to shift and change. I'm pretty sure we can assume that the Rock of Eternity works in a similar way. In the Multiversity Guidebook, the Hannibal Lecter Sivana describes their artificial Rock of Eternity like this:

Let's picture the Rock of Eternity as a top spinning through the fifth dimension like Hannibal Sivana suggests. The top is in a fixed point that intersects with all 52 worlds of the multiverse. It's the same top if seen from the fifth dimension, but its appearance and contents are different in the third dimension depending on which world you are in. There is one Rock of Eternity but it's different depending on what world you're seeing it from. You could then ask, well, why doesn't The House of Heroes act the same way? I would shrug and say. "Monitor technology?" Though, the House of Heroes does act in a sightly similar way with its shifting and changing architecture. This is the best theory I could come up with, but, again, it's a personal theory. It'll be interesting to see if there are any official explanations in the future and if my theories stack up to them.

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Uh, one question concerning Earth-35...does anyone know who Ms. X is supposed to be a stand in for? I've been trying to and it's driving me nuts because I can't figure it out.

lol, or... she could be Twilight....Yeah.... probably Twilight.

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@afox said:

Uh, one question concerning Earth-35...does anyone know who Ms. X is supposed to be a stand in for? I've been trying to and it's driving me nuts because I can't figure it out.

My best guess would be Alley Cat. Alley Cat was a female vigilante who fought with a whip, so she was a Catwoman stand-in. Miss X appears to be a normal vigilante who is dressed up as Zorro who... fought with a whip. Again, that's my best guess. They could have just gone with another version of Catwoman, but this feels more creative.

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Earth-19 is Gotham by Gaslight, but also Wonder Woman: Amazonia by William Messner-Loebs and Phil Winslade

Thanks! I didn't know about that one.

Jekylhyde14 the Rubik's Cube has popped up a few times in the new52 i guess people just didn't notice most recently in futures end earth 2 one shot last September but how is it that we have 2 sets of new gods and no one is talking about this in their reviews and the fact that dc said that the new gods would be one of a kind in the multiverse even though they are clearly not in this guidebook these are the new gods from final crisis

I'm not certain I can answer this question, but here's my best attempt. Highfather says the following in The Multiversity Guidebook: "(Darkseid) touches many worlds now. He wears many faces. All grim." Then Big Barda adds: "Each (world) hosting multiple emanations of Darkseid, Lightray. And of us."

The word emanation carries this definition in Webster's dictionary: the origination of the world by a series of hierarchically descending radiations from the Godhead through intermediate stages to matter.

What this word means is, basically, radiation from God came from a higher dimensional plane and then diffused, separated, and solidified into earthly matter. What was one (the Godhead) became many (the Earth and everything on it). Picture the New Gods like that. If you check the Multiversity map, you'll see that New Genesis and Apokolips both exist outside the collection of the 52 worlds separated by the Speed Force Wall. This means we can probably consider the New God characters existing on a higher dimensional plane than the 52 earths. These New Gods that exist outside the Speed Force wall would be immutable and unaffected by things like Flashpoint. However, when the New Gods descend past the Speed Force Wall and into the lower dimension of the 52 earths then their godheads would diffuse, separate, and solidify into different versions of themselves across the 52 earths. They are all the same New Gods but they are different aspects of them across each separate world.

That's my take on it, anyway. It might be a cop-out but it does explain the different versions of the New Gods. I hope that helps.

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Just updated with pictures and a revised final paragraph.

Wow, tl;dr.

But I'm really excited about getting the guidebook today and looking through it, myself.

Side note, maybe you should clean this up and make a/edit the wiki page for the Multiverse?

Thanks. I'll consider it, but this has been my first post in a while because I haven't had a lot of time for comic blogging these days...

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Nice write up...I think tdkr and watchmen are untouchable stories and thats why they are not included

On a side note could you tell me if thrillkiller is worth reading?

I've actually never read Thrillkiller. I only identified it through research. It sounds really interesting, though. Batgirl and Robin are fighting crime through the underground hipster scenes of the 1960's. Twilight also seems worth the read, and I'm really intrigued by how Morrison built Earth-37 by connecting all of the Howard Chaykin stories together. Chaykin is a pretty interesting creator. He does dark and gritty pretty well with a certain level of intelligence. In my opinion, if you're interested at all then you should read it. I will.

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Nice write-up. I'm surprised Earth-31 isn't the TDKR Earth any more. Also interesting to note that the League on the Red Rain Earth appear to actually be vampiric versions of the Crime Syndicate. That's a vampire Ultraman, like at the end of FC.

Yeah, I was a little taken aback that TDKR was taken out. Most of the Multiverse stayed consistent between Countdown and Multiversity, but not that. 52 #52 also had Earth-50 as the Wildstorm universe, but now it belongs to the Justice Lords. I figure that was done because Wildstorm's part of Earth-0 now. I have no clue why they took out TDKR. Good catch with the vampire Ultraman!

Really great history lesson. Enjoyed reading it.

Thanks for reading!

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This goddamn guy...

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I thought that Old Man Logan was pretty fun...