Getting Into The Groove Now

This week's escapades at the shop involved me picking up the six issues of Incognito by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, as well as more Blackest Night stuff. 
One of the guys that works at the shop, who attested to being a hardcore Vertigo fan, said that he really liked the stuff coming out of the Icon imprint, and after we talked for about an hour about comics in general and what each of us like, he told me that picking up Incognito was essential for me.  Man, was he right about that!  I really enjoyed these comics, as it's got just enough grit to it but still holds onto a relatively noir-ish feeling.  The character of Zack Overkill is probably one of my favorite new characters, just because he's so balls to the wall.  What made the issues cooler was the explanations of old pulps in the back of each issue, like Doc Savage and The Shadow.  Luckily, my grandfather would tell me about those characters, and even showed me a couple of pulps that he had in a safe deposit box.  Since I was a kid, I knew a little bit about those two specifically, but being so young, I didn't comprehend a lot of what was going on.  Still, Incognito definitely has me wanting to pick up the Criminal stuff and even hunt down Sleeper.  Now I see why people like Brubaker's stuff so much... 
As for Blackest Night, I picked up Green Lantern issues 43-46, as well as Green Lantern Corps 39 & 40.  I'm still waiting for more copies of BN Batman #2 to come in, as they still only have the variant cover for it. 
I also put out an order for Preacher Vol. 3 so I can continue on with that story.  I don't typically like Garth Ennis, as his writing is a bit too...dense...for me sometimes.  I really enjoy Preacher so far, but his Punisher stuff...I just really couldn't get into it.  I know that a lot of people would probably want to throw me in the town square and stone me to death for saying that, but he's got this writing style that I just can't quite get into.  Meanwhile, with Preacher, I still see elements of that...but it's so damn funny and so damn vulgar that it reaches out to my twisted senses. 
Short blog this week.  Hopefully, I'll actually read some stuff this coming week. 
Until next time...piece!

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