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@g_man, I want that lanyard. So boss.

Great interview. Storm has always been such an underrated character.

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He died a hell of a noble death, the way that Kurt should go out. They will NEVER write as emotional an ending for a character, and they will never offer a more fitting send-off. Bringing him back cheapens everything that he did and the sacrifice he made.

I love Nightcrawler and Beast more than anything in the X-Men universe, but I do not want Nightcrawler back. His death was perfect, and it pisses me off that they feel the need to do this to him.

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@hyenascar said:

director feels like he straddles that iffy line of either being really great, or thinking he is really great. The storyline sounds exciting, So if anything goes wrong it will be in the production and directing side.

He's the director of Girl, Interrupted, Identity, Walk The Line, and the remake of 3:10 To Yuma. He's more than proven himself as a quality filmmaker for both actor performances as well as action and suspense.

I'm incredibly stoked about this movie. They are taking the story to an exciting place, and the pictures that have come out have Hugh looking more like Wolvie than he EVER has.

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It's like I said to everyone I know:

I'm fine with an Arab-American or any other race being Green Lantern. However, I feel like that cover is an issue. DC, as a company, is posting a picture of an Arab-American (who honestly looks black more than anything) wearing a mask with a gun pointed directly at the audience and a glowing tattoo written is Naskh on his arm for the cover...

...and they expect this to sell copy in America...or many other places?


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I still have little interest in this movie. As an avid fan of the character, these are my continued thoughts when I see the trailers and such:

  1. Dredd is the MOST FEARED JUDGE OF THEM ALL...and his big bad villain is a scar-faced chick at the top of a 200-floor building? Not trying to sound misogynist with that, but that doesn't sound like a massive threat.
  2. The trailer and premise looks like almost a straight rip from The Raid: Redemption. The only thing keeping me interested is that Alex Garland wrote the script, and that man is incredible.
  3. Since when is Dredd the type of character that would whisper "I am the law"?
  4. Mega City One for this movie is being described as a "metropolis". MCO is a MEGALOPOLIS! Why do the movies feel the need to make Mega City One seem like it's only a CITY in the most traditional sense? This is a city that covers THE ENTIRE EASTERN SEABOARD OF THE U.S. AND PARTS OF CANADA!
  5. The introduction of Judge Anderson is interesting, but I have my doubts that they will even get into how John Wagner created her...and Judge Death. I also doubt that they will get into the fact that Judge Anderson was one of the first Psi-Judges. If they can end up using her as a way to justify a Dredd vs. Death movie, though, I will buy a ticket. Day one. I'm just really hoping they don't play her off as some minor character, which she barely ever was. I mean, she had her own damn series!
  6. The drug in the movie is called "Slo-Mo"? REALLY?! What about Stookie? That's an actual drug in the comics, and it would've been a WAY more interesting thing to use. Oh, right...3D + Slo-Mo = 3D works better.

Seriously, all around, I'm just getting less and less interested in this movie. Nonetheless, I'm sure I'll end up seeing it the minute it comes out because of my fascination with Dredd...

...and yet I still haven't seen The Avengers or The Dark Knight Rises. What the hell is wrong with me?!

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Millar? On a regular schedule? We've heard that PLENTY of times before.

Also, the first series was junk. I'd rather he wrote more Superior.

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I don't know if it's because I actually liked Justin Hartley as Oliver Queen/Green Arrow in Smallville or because I liked Justin Hartley on Passions...

...but I think I would prefer Justin Hartley in this role. Oh well.

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Alfred can never die.

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@G-Man said:

By the way, towards the end, you can see HDJoey walk back and forth trying to be in the video. He and Norm are here as well.

Timestamp on that is 2:07. Those sneaky Tested guys.

Hope all goes well at the Con! BRING US SOME HEROCLIX FOOTAGE! Chaos War just released. I'm curious to see what they have going on there.

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It's about time that Aquaman gets some due respect!

Also, how did I know that all the other books after that would be Bat books?