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    @inferiorego: never got into tabletop games , but i am a skullkickers fan, so maybe this will be my first!

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    team 2 bruh

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    @ssj_god said:@sophia89: Where did they say that?i only see one post in this whole thread which says GR can defeat nate grey.. and even that post says that it's because he likes ghost rider more...ca...

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    my neighbor's ex-wife makes $88 /hour on the computer . She has been laid off for nine months but last month her check was $19300 just working on the computer for a few hours. Find Out More........w­...

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    @scavengerfist: I agree with what you said for the most part but I believe it would be flipped 6.5/10 for team bat. I highly doubt Elektra or DD would(in character) viciously murder a kid so that's of...

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    @jayc1324 said:Its called prep. Its not lazy writing at all. You seem to be forgetting that batman did no damage to Darkseid at all and was losing that fight. And the JL aren't impossible to beat wit...

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    @realitywarper: and the fact most people understand the context of the scans and how relevant they are let's me know my job is done. No amount of Ghost rider hate or low balling from you will change t...

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    @midnightdragon18 said: @dernman: I read your post, did you read mine ?I understand what you're saying, but your saying wouldn't be possible for another 5+ years.Dick isn't Nightwing now, the only w...

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    Hi man , i just wanna ask u about superman being portected by the Source i ve heard rumors about that , can u give me some scan's or somthing that proove its true i hope it's true . Thanks :D
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    Loki is much better with prep

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    @vintage_spiderman: Wait are you dissing me or... I'm not sure why you trying to say, I've argued for the game team losing.

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