The Fawcett Inn

The Fawcett was always the place to meet people, always the place for DIY punk shows and breakbeat nights that blew your bollocks off, a place to have a great laugh and a place full of great memories and people. It was always such a vibrant pub full off wonderful weirdos, good music, a dodgy atmosphere and mind-bending drugs. It's where I met and befriended ALOT of the people I know and love now and it's a place that holds a lot of great (if slightly blurry) memories. Some of my memories and happy moments for anyone who gives a shit and doesn't wank over the Milton now...

    • Seeing Inner Terrestrials for the first time and bopping like a right cunt.
    • Meeting some amazing people (and some irritating twats!)
    • Will constantly screaming 'SAFE AS FUCK!'
    • Seeing Luke proper freak out on Salvia with those bloody bright blue stay press jeans on ;)
    • Special chips from next door with BBQ sauce. Always
    • Setting light to my hair when rich gave me the unknown pill. Waking up on Alan and April's sofa not knowing where the fuck I was or what happened or who'd taken my 20 eye DM's off.
    • Ed Cox/ RDF/the Extinguishers/Metropolitan Police Cervix/Social Parasites/The Exposed/Bunny..... the list goes on...
    • "SPLIFF!?"
    • Some fucking shockingly bad dates, haha.
    • Falling down the basement stairs.
    • "SCRAN!?" possibly the funniest thing I've ever experience, cheers Alice ;)
    • "Crumpled Morrissey" – the most unsuccessful birthday ever!
    • Giving John a lap dance.
    • Reading the Socialist Worker around people who can't even stand up let alone read.
    • Walking from the Florence to the Fawcett dragging Sam behind me cause he kept K-ing into bushes, nightmare!
    • Rob's bloody slippers!
    • The white board, fuck me I thought I was in a sitcom.
    • A random woman explaining to me just how clean the Swiss air is.
    • Leaving a bomb in the bathroom and searching high and low before stumbling upon it again.
    • The Various Reverb and Custard nights, especially the one ending up at Amy's with the fucking weirdos.
    • Albert Road days, when all the chavvies came in en all.
    • Getting pissed before the very rare anarchist meets.
    • Dancing to real loud breakbeat :D
    • "Look at the size of your tits!"
    • "Hello space cadet" ;)
    • Macca's laser pen display :P the lazer / lady lounge.
    • "I'm not drinking because martyn's not" Haha, god bless you knobhead!
    • Licking acid off other people's hands.
    • "As pure as driven snow, the best thing I've had up my nose."
    • Mine and Payge's little girly bits to there especially involving loads of Yeah, Yeah, Yeahs.
    • The cheeky texts between Holly and me ;)
    • Being repeatedly told I have good energy.
    • Telling a certain someone to fuck off 'cause she's a stupid whore
    • The random trip back to James' with EVERYONE in tow.
    • The random cat that was left outside the door
    • ACID!!
    • Meeting a fella called Myles who could do Heith Ledgers' Joker perfectly, pretty much for the whole film. He was also dressed up as Edward scissor hands :P
    • "You've got third degree gurns"
    • Cucumber and tomatoes can officially fuck off, we decided.
  • I know she was a long time dying but she's finally been put to rest. The Fawcett Inn is dead, long live The Fawcett Inn!

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Memorable quotes Jan/Feb 2013

  • I would rather die today, than live another day of this death! - Snow White & The Huntsmen
  • Don't let people drive you crazy, it's within walking distance.
  • Every pot has it's lid. - Mx
  • There are ghosts everywhere, we carry them with us where ever we go - G.O.T
  • No man should live longer than his teeth - G.O.T
  • Sing more than you shout. - NZ coffee shop wall.
  • I had some good laughs with you when you weren't there - The Dice Man
  • Mum, smile! Y'know, when your face goes upwards? - Anna
  • There's no victory over someone you love.
  • When you play the game of thrones, you win or you die. - G.O.T
  • Understand yourself, except yourself but do not be yourself - The Dice Man
  • Wishmonger - The Dice Man
  • Perpetual self-evaluation is prudent to further character development.
  • HAPPY WAITANGI DAY!! - Heavily tattooed Kiwi shouting into the tattoo parlour :)
  • He who hurries through life hurries to his grave - G.O.T
  • Coldplay fans are the ones who will date rape you, not punks. - Anna
  • Turkish Delight is such bullshit! - Anna
  • Your face looks like a smashed crab / dropped pie. - Anna
  • It takes all kinds to make a universe - Quantum Leap.
  • Tattoo tourettes - Penni, my tattooist :)
  • The next time you raise your hands to me, will be the last time you have hands. - G.O.T
  • War does not determine who is right or wrong, only who is left.
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Things to get into...

  • Deadshot
  • Suicide Squad
  • Frankenstein (Agent of SHADE)
  • It Girl & The Atomics.
  • Love & Capes
  • Kevin Smiths Green Hornet
  • Lenore
  • Moon Knight
  • His Favourite (manga)
  • Dark Avengers
  • Dark Justice League
  • The Couriers (graphic novel)
  • The Manhattan Project
  • Star Wars (need to investigate!)
  • Crossed
  • Cable
  • Secret six
  • Wonder Man
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Kerala <3

I cannot explain how much my life has been enriched by volunteering in India. The country, the culture, the people, I have fallen in love with all three.

Eating with your hands, chasing children, street goats, getting Kylie off your chair, squat toilets, lunch at Prya’s, the tiny chef <3, rain disco! PINEAPPLE SHAKE! “Time to make party!”smiling when you don’t understand, riding elephants, sunsets at the fishing nets, Kashmere boys <3, sleeper-class, Dal Roti, Hello Kitty watches, Jutten, Sat’s facial expressions, fat kids, Standard 8 boys J, wrestling with Ross, bats on the backwaters, keyboard flip-flops, hot coffee with ice cubes, Billy’s tiny nipples, tearful goodbyes, playing ‘would you rather…?’ stickers! Jim’s sleep-walking, carrots at the XL Bar, bowel-updates with Ashley Pavitt, stray dogs, VARKALA! Halloween costumes, dirty feet, thunderstorms, leg-wrestling, moustaches! Making cranes with Kaz-San, Over The Deep Blue Sea, dancing, competitions, milkshakes at Loafers, Kieran’s ‘worm’, the Sanjays, “bees on the knees”, OY’s, tuk-tuks, Club Cabana, sarees, Little Tibet, falling in rivers, film nights, Asterix, the boys home, Gangnam Style… great times, great friends, great memories…

…Incredible, this India.

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I am SO excited about the NEW 52 stuff, for the first time people of my generation can follow and on-going series from issue number one! I'll be following Aquaman, Deathstroke, Batman & Robin and Green Arrow! :D