Mocking this dude, my new hobby

Dunno why, but my new hobby is mocking this guy on youtube, he's a big ball of meaningless rage, probably pissed he has not received a Fox News deal, and ends all his vids the same damn way, staring at the camera and breathing hard... I make fun of him unmercifully, and he is actually someone who keeps up on and removes any negative comments... You may understand why I feel it is so freaking funny to mock his rage filled tyrates after this 

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Osama was listening to Justin Bieber? I knew it!

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Yikes. I'll tell you WHAT'S NEXT WHAT'S NEXT WHAT'S NEXT: thanking eganthevile1 for giving me another thing to enjoy.

Posted by longbowhunter

YIKES!! I wish I could get this excited about anything.
Posted by TheSpiritStalker

I want this guy as my school teacher

Posted by _Sojourn_
@eganthevile1: He has funny looking arms... ^v^
Posted by Vortex13

Oooooooooooooooooooook. That guy has some rage issues and seems to be a bit misinformed but whatever.

Posted by Jonny_Anonymous

man I would love some skittles right now

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  I don't like this guy.

Posted by Nocall

*cough* inbred.

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If anyone deserves's this guy.

Posted by Esther_Cotillard

That was horrible.

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lol I wanna see what a mod says about this.

Let's call It a theory. ^_^

Posted by Crimsonlord53

He dose have some valid points. But screaming them on you tube maybe not the best place to share them with other people.

Posted by Nefarious one of the best rants I have ever heard on Youtube.

Posted by DoomDoomDoom

I like to imagine he's this intense about everything. Ordering coffee, the dentist, dates.

Posted by RisingBean

You wonder why he breathes so hard at the end of the video? It's because he didn't breathe the whole time he was talking.

Posted by Veshark

His tirade has a nice rhythm to it. WHATS NEXT WHATS NEXT WHATS NEXT.

Posted by Batman242

Imagine him talking to girl on the phone...

Posted by GodTriggerHulk

This man is wonderful.