A Ghost of Comicvine Past

As much as I wanted to, I could not delete this video, it was me (virginity still fully intact) with what people call, the "Ted hair" announcing the match-ups for a CV RP tournament.... Wow, this makes me realise, in the shadows or up front how long I have stuck with this and the other whiskey media sites, been a great many years guys and gals, lets keep it up till we are in depends!

Well without further hesitation, pre-balding me!

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In Memory of Kerren

I lost a good friend yesterday, my friend/former girlfriend Kerren Leigh Kent, age 31, died of Cystic Fibrosys yesterday. She leaves behind a Father who has already lost Kerren's sister in a car accident and mother in another accident, and a 3 year old daughter Kirsten. She also leaves behind numerous grieving friends including this CV/AV wiki editor. I was at one point romantically involved with Kerren, though that did not last I treasure the memories. She will be missed by all who knew her, and even some who dont, as she began a poetry blog in recent days. Rest in peace Kerren, this friend will miss you -Aaron


Sorry I am somewhat impaired

Diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, explains a lot. Asperger's is a highly functional form of Autism that impairs the part of the brain that recognizes social protocol, basically I am highly evolved intellectually but retarded socially. I think this explains a lot, not a damning form of autism, I am still after all highly intelligent, just unable to recognize when I am pissing someone off or saying something viewed as inappropriate.

To understand me better: http://www.mayoclinic.com/health/aspergers-syndrome/DS00551/METHOD=print&DSECTION=all


Winter Wear.. Do Super-Heroes modify their costumes for the cold?

Spandex and skin tight apparel is hardly winter wear, while I suspect masks help shield wind chill, the same can not be said for skin tight costumes, an example of this was mentioned in a Spider-Man novel, where Spidey wore a 90's style Avengers leather jacket over his costume to help stay warm, though still felt like he was freezing due to the thin fabric of his costume. In general super-hero costumes seem designed for flexibility, not warmth. Any theories on what the heroes do to stay warm during the winter months?


Mocking this dude, my new hobby

Dunno why, but my new hobby is mocking this guy on youtube, he's a big ball of meaningless rage, probably pissed he has not received a Fox News deal, and ends all his vids the same damn way, staring at the camera and breathing hard... I make fun of him unmercifully, and he is actually someone who keeps up on and removes any negative comments... You may understand why I feel it is so freaking funny to mock his rage filled tyrates after this 


Watching Being Human

Watching "Being Human" on Syfy.... How ultra pissed you think Aiden is going to be when he finds out the vampire kid he staked was not responsible for the murders of the bullies?

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