Hanta Weapons & Equipment

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Hanta Wrist Blades


The Hanta wrists blades are the primary close quarter weapons of the entire Hanta race, used by military,hunters,rogues alike...Hanta prefer the use of their wrist blades due to its versatility not only can it be used to slash but also thrust giving a Hanta many options in combat, the Hanta wrist blades are made out of a very durable metal much,much,much stronger than the best of adamantium which is pale in comparison. Not only does the Hanta blades have the advantage of durability but at prime condition are extremely sharp being able to cut or pierce through tungsten and tanks as if they were weightless or air...the most impressive piercing feat a Hanta wrist blade has shown was cutting through a small amount of adamantium. The Hanta blades versatility from piercing and slashing also come useful especially due to the shape of the blades...as you can see the Hanta blades are uniquely shape this is because they are designed to inflict the maximum amount of damage in the least amount of time or hits, once a Hanta blade pierces flesh it will brutally mutilate the flesh and muscle as it enters and than rip it out on its way out due to this deadly design the majority of time (let's say a human) a person gets hit the muscle and flesh in that area would be utterly destroyed or at the very least weakened severely and not only will the muscle be damage to the point of limiting a limbs function severely it will also deliver blood damage, blood damage usually happens when a Hanta blades leaves his or her opponents body the majority of the time a Hanta will cut something important such as an artery or vein even if not due to the exit wound the opponent will suffer rapid blood loss. Those who manage to survive an attack from Hanta wrist blades will need immediate medical attention less they bleed to death. Hanta blades are usually twelve inches long but some can be customized to be a full thirty six inches.

Hanta Wrist Gauntlet

The Hanta wrist gauntlet is the most valuable piece of equipment that a Hanta ALWAYS carries, it functions as a dimensional storage device that allows a near unlimited capacity to carry weapons such as disc blades,plasma mines,spears,ect, the gauntlet also functions as a console to control the Hunta bio mask and works as a device to camouflage a Hanta

the camouflage system is one of the most advanced in the universe, little to no technology has been able to detect a cloaked Hanta...the system bends light rays around the Hanta which makes him invisible even enhanced humans don't stand a ghost of a chance in detecting them...multiple visions have been used in an attempt to detect Hunta's that are camouflaged including thermal,x-ray,radar,echo location...but all have failed.

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Hanta Plasma Caster

The Hanta plasma rifle is the primary mid-long ranged weapon of a Hanta, it's extremely powerful and at 1% is capable of destroying adamantium for every percent a Hanta increases in the plasma caster (via wrist gauntlet) the power doubles so at 100% it can be millions of times more powerful than at 1%....although the gun has limits.

Maximum effective range: 500 meters

Delay time per shot: one second

Cool down time: 1% = 40 shots before needing a four second cool down time 100% = 4 shots before needing a eight second cool down time

Speed of projectile = 10,000 miles per hour


  • The Plasma Caster gives off three red triangle aligned laser dots as it aims, the users has the option of shooting with out them but it hinders their accuracy by 50%

Hanta Spear

The Hanta spear is four foot long contractible/expandable spear that is made out of the same metals of the Hanta wrist blades.

The Hanta

Bio Mask

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