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@shogun_of_sarcasm: She finished off placing the last discs and looked towards a busboy "Hey excuse me"

he turned around "Yes?", she pressed some buttons on her device to digitize a silver card from the cyber verse into the real world "I want this to be a surprise for some friends that come over, can you give this to me when I call you" she stopped to read his name tag "Keith..."

As he nodded his head she went to sit on a chair near table one not too far away from Kurt, she touched another button on her device and cloaked it.

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@shogun_of_sarcasm: (I don't recall)

She cocked her head curiously as she pulled out numerous coin sized discs from her pockets, turning around she began to pace around the edge of the tall structure planting one every few steps "Well I'm not really asking..." she placed a disc underneath a table as people looked at her "but if you want you could sit back and enjoy the show" Crystal was making sure that these discs were hiding in plain sight and made them look as if they belonged in the setting.

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@geth said:

@matthew_cassidy: Oh, you mean Lest?

I see your point.... But, that doesn't mean I can't kick your ass for it.

Who's kicking who's rear for what?

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What's the big woop about Disney anyway?

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What do you to do bad girls such as myself?

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@shogun_of_sarcasm: (You are quite welcome :3)

She let out a suave but short chuckle "He better be paying you a lot to waste your time delivering sauces to people" the gizmo on her arm beeped several times before she decided to turn it off

I got three minutes before they come

"So when's your meeting, is it going to take place here?"

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Has some moves.

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@shogun_of_sarcasm: (Like a freakin boss!)

Interesting... Crystal continued their conversation of small chat "Oh me?" she feigned innocence "I'm just here to" she performed the quotation marks sign with her fingers "here to pick up some cheese for a friends mother"

Crystal checked the high tech gizmo on her right hand "It should be coming up the elevator any minute now"

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@shogun_of_sarcasm: You meet interesting people through out the world, and NYC is overrated as hell.