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Um...not bad,I guess. My thoughts 7

This isn't really the best review I've written,and it's not really going to be thorough. I'll just give my thoughts on it:In terms of story,I think that this is an interesting origin for Bart Allen (or Bar Tor). So I don't think that it's bad since,in my opinion,it is an interesting one.The way he gets his powers isn't really explained...I mean,it's just a bit vague. It could be because of his NDE that activates his metagene. It could be because of the radiation of space. It's a bit vague and no...

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I actually loved this Issue! 0

This issue was great...Btw,my reviews aren't the best,so I'll just be quickTo start off,the plot was great and I love the focus on Kate Bishop that this book gives. Not only were there tons of funny moments in here,but there were also more than enough action to keep one satisfied.Basically in this issue,it's Kate's first 2 days in Los Angeles and,well,she seems to have picked up Hawkeye's bad luck.Also,one thing I love was the reactions/expressions in the boxes.This whole issue,from the plot,to ...

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overview 0

in my opinion arkham city endgame is pretty good..the dlc of harley quinn's revenge wasn't that good and these comics are sure explains things better,although it is somewhat short,but not that short, after all it is a dollar and is worth the money in my opinion.arkham city endgame explains things alot better than the harley quinn's revenge dlc,but the dlc wasn't worth the wait and is fairly disappointing,however i wouldn't judge the next arkham game on a dlc,the dlc in my opinion seems...

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