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I am so bored that I feel like buying one and messing with it

Even though I don't believe in that crap.

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I want that minute of my life back...

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@vitalius said:


You mean like

-Deadshot - Green Arrow´s enemy

-Merlyn - Team Arrow´s enemy

-China White - Green Arrow´s enemy

-Deathstroke - Team Arrow´s enemy

-Shado - Support Characther of Green Arrow

-Huntress - Support Characther of Black Canary and Trinity Birds of Prey.

-Bronze Tiger - Enemy of Black Canary and Birds of Prey

-Brother Blood - Enemy of Roy Harper as member of Teen Titans/Titans and Outsiders

-Solomon Grundy- Enemy of Green Lantern and Green Arrow

-Constantine Drakon - Green Arrow´s enemy

-Isabel Rochev (Non Ravager) - Green Arrow´s enemy

-Count Vertigo - Green Arrow´s enemy

-League of Assassins - Team Arrow´s enemy

-Ra´s Al Ghul - Ex husband of Black Canary and enemy of Birds of Prey

-Dodger - Team Arrow´s enemy

So far the only enemies that are pure Batman enemies

- Nisha Al Ghul

- Dollmaker

- Ravager (Nightwing´s enemy)

Actually,Deathstroke is more of a Teen Titans villain,but I am guessing that my joke didn't go through......

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I thought they were gonna bring in more Batman rogues.....

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This doesn't make logical sense. How does the serial killer know beforehand that the girl would girl would respond to the dripping noise in the bathroom by reaching down for a lick. Ignoring the fact that a dog's lick is nothing like a human's lick due to the moist nose of the dog, what if the girl had gone to check out the bathroom the first time? Then the message wouldn't have made any sense. In fact, is reaching down for your dog to lick your hand standard behavior? Is that how most people react to fear? Are most people scared by dripping sounds in the bathroom? Whose dog sleeps UNDER the bed? If this a response to fear, did this serial killer just stalk her for countless nights on end to just measure her response to an uncertain stimuli?

Story is more idiotic than scary.


It's attempt at being scary with the words on the mirror were just a miserable failure.

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So....bump? I guess?

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@joygirl said:

@the_stegman said:

@twix_right_side said:

@dccomicsrule2011 said:

@twix_right_side: never heard of the Insane Clown Posse? O_o

This is my first time ever hearing about them.

I live under a rock

You aren't missing all. Though they have a fairly large (and weird) fanbase called "Juggalos"

Actually yes, the answer is probably this as far as most hated rappers go.

While I actually don't mind ICP and even enjoy a few of their songs, people go really far with their hatred for them, calling them and their fans things like gangs and cults simply because they have little to no understanding of the band or their fans. Most people that bitch about them (the ones that really bitch, not just "I dun like 'em") have actually obviously neither listened to their songs nor met even one of their fans.

They scare me.....


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........What am I reading?

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@cameron83: Ask anyone who listens to either hood music or typical mainstream stuff, they won't have anything good to say about him. I like that not a lot of people like him. The less attention the better imo. Majority of the time underrated rappers > mainstreamers.

@dccomicsrule2011: Lil Wayne and Drake deserve it imo.

I don't think hate is what is deserved from him,though.

Although for some reason,I like him balanced in terms of popularity and obscurity,but by the same token,hate is still hate. From what I see,a lot of people like him,but I'll have to look more into that.

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Kanye. A lot of the ignorant people I know call him a devil worshiper and illumanti and all that horse. A lot of mainstream rap fans dislike Donald Glover and call him wack. Those same people also dislike Tyler the Creator and the rest of OF. I know a few people who also don't like Jay as he stating he's fallen off (which he has imo) but I don't know the full amount of people that actually hate him.

lol It's funny when I hear people go on with that Illuminati crap.

I didn't know that a lot of people hated Donald,though :o

But at the same time,who the f8ck cares what they think?