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425558 Descent Part Two Issue Overview 05/04/14 08:41PM 3 Approved
425554 Descent Part Two Issue Overview 05/04/14 08:37PM 3 Approved
424576 Lucky To Be Alive; Recapturing That Old Spark; Crossed Paths; How My Stuff Works; Homecoming, Sort Of; Kaine; Learning To Crawl: Awazing Reality Issue Overview 05/03/14 12:53AM 29 Approved
424526 Goblin Nation Part 4 of 5 Issue Overview 05/02/14 11:53PM 9 Approved
424486 A Grizzly Situation / The Superior Looter Issue Overview 05/02/14 11:04PM 20 Approved
376277 .NOW Goblin Nation Part One Issue Overview Not sure if some are the real deal but what a collection of the obcure! 02/25/14 11:02PM 19 Approved
376271 The Goblin War Issue Overview Splice! 02/25/14 10:59PM 3 Approved
376247 Blue Streak (Thompson) Character Overview Makes total sense continuity wise and I'm glad they decided to go with the explanation in an actual comic instead of the Handbooks. 02/25/14 10:38PM 16 Approved
376213 The Goblin War Issue Overview This issue is crazy with cameos. Just spotted The Tumbler and The Answer as well. 02/25/14 09:38PM 5 Approved
376200 The Goblin War Issue Overview Look closely, even though they may not be the original villains...they are all present in this issue. 02/25/14 09:04PM 13 Approved
301036 The Black Lodge Part One: Convalescence; Cat & Mouse Issue Overview 12/12/13 08:40PM 3 Approved
245755 All In Issue Overview 10/13/13 05:23PM 5 Approved
245723 All In Issue Overview 10/13/13 03:30PM 3 Approved
77540 Boomerang Character Overview 05/23/13 10:10PM 9 Approved
77538 Boomerang Character Overview 05/23/13 10:05PM 16 Approved