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I don't know who started this, perhaps to gain more points or something so they can feel better about themselves, but who do I have to speak to about ending this?

I look to to provide me with an accurate listing of which characters appear in specific comic books. I hate the fact I have to continue to look at issues to make sure they aren't Panini comics reprints. Someone who runs this website please contact me and let me know if we can do something about this. It truly is awful to look at a character's list of appearances and then realize it's because there's some weird comic that reprints 13 issues in the same book. I cannot be the only one that finds this awful and frustrating for one of my favorite comic book resource sites.

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On the Marvel End there have been a crazy amount. Deadly Foes of Spider-Man/Lethal Foes of Spider-Man were pretty much villain books. Sabretooth had a few mini series, Kingpin had a 7 issue one, Typhoid Mary had 4, Nightmare 4, Bullseye has had a couple of mini-series and Dark Reign had a ton, Dark Avengers/Dark Hawkeye/Spider-man. Mr. Negative, Lethal Legion, The Hood. Marvel is coming out with Villains for Hire next month. Loki had a few mini-series and one-shots. Super Villain Team-Up Modok's 11 starred a bunch of villains. I guess you could include Thunderbolts too. Deadpool first 2 mini-series originally I guess you could say were villain books. Baron Zemo had a 4 issue mini-series a few years back.

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I think the lack of response is clearly due to you not tagging The Super-Star Super-Villain. The All-Mighty Boomslang in this blog!

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I know this post is a bit old...but if you don't know by now...Marvel seems to finally be tying up the loose ends with the Punisher: In The Blood Mini-series.

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I don't think the Boomerangs hold him back because all of them are gimmicked with something different. But there are a few issues that portray Boomerang as having the ability to throw any object and make it a deadly weapon...check out way back in Spectacular Spider-man #73..when he tries to escape from custody and just uses regular desk objects....or Deadly Foes of Spider-man when he is taking people out with Staplers, Watches, Loose Change and other that aspect of him being like Bullseye has been portrayed before. Plus, Marvel has never shyed away from him being a cold blooded killer...not counting the one panel in the X-Force mini-series...he has murdered a few people (3 people he has assasinated successfully at least including Jackpot's husband)

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Do you think they will address the whole Jacob Conover Rose? After he was revealed and arrested he hasn't been seen since.  
Boomerang looks awesome on this cover too. That is nice to see, always have a soft spot for the Rogues on the lower end of the totem pole. And I always thought he could be just as dangerous as Bullseye if someone allowed him to be(the closest they tried was way back in the 80's and early 90's. Spectacular Spider-Man #73, #81 and the Deadly Foes of Spider-man series really touched upon him being able to use any object as a dangerous weapon)
I'm not really that excited about Jackpot, because yeah, most of Brand New Day was a little too Happy Go Lucky for me.  
I really also hate the fact that the people who knew Peter was Spider-man before Civil do not. Once I realized Norman Osborn did not know who Spider-man was during American Son, I nearly stopped reading the rest of the story. Then the same thing happened with the Chameleon(loved the new take and look for him as well). I kinda wish my memory had been erased from 15-18 years of reading Spider-Man so I could take what I'm reading a little more seriously.