The Crew - A Good/Underrated Series

Just read the 7 issues of this series after hearing about it on some "Black Avenger forums". Its quite good. Although I wasn't used to this take on "Rohhh-dee" seeing him operate outside of the War Machine Armor was cool thou, and a reminder of how Marvel always de-ages characters, which I don't mind. Kasper Cole, Josiah X and Danny Vincent are way too cool not to be used again especially together. The way they worked off each other reminded me of a classic X-men team more so then the Avengers they are usually compared to. "The Mog" backdrop they were working in could become a staple Marvel area. The way its portrayed makes me feel like a small piece of Gotham slipped into the Marvel Universe. Only it's worse cause there is no Batman. Of course if it did have Batman in it, this book would no doubt have gone on beyond 7 issues. This series could have gone on at the time to become a pretty successful series if they've given it time to find more readers in my opinion. Fortunately for what it is, it was an enjoyable read with a satisfying ending where the slightly broken characters that made up the team found a little bit more of themselves by the end of it. Each member goes on a character arc that puts them in a slightly more positive place than where they started in issue 1. I'd be down for a modern take on the team or just seeing the 3 missing members get back into modern comics.

Anyone else read it, what do you think?

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Posted by tiger26

i agree with you i loved the series very good and very underated