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I'm struggling to find this specific comic image, I can't remember what series this image was for or where I last saw this picture, so I'm looking for some help here.

The image I remember was of a golden Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X statue located outside a fictional sci-fi/fantasy city. It's not Marvel or DC but it could be an independent superhero book, not sure thou.

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@eisenfauste: Static is fairly well known as far as superheroes go

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I doubt they would keep him, they would trade him for a nice shield or something

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Blue Beetle

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One of the best series around. Honestly can't say that I've read Rich Rider or w.e his name is but, if it was half as good as this book is, I can understand the heartbreak but not enough to deprive myself from this book. Hopefully New Warriors follows suit.

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Leader: Nightwing
Members: Black Lightning, Blue Devil, Starman (new version), OMAC (Kevin Kho), XS (A bit Older version, maybe a new codename), New female character to finish it off.

Team Name: The New Justice League

Mission: Nightwing thinks he can do what the Justice Leagues are trying to do but better. So he goes out and does that. These are the A-Listers he collects. These aren't the Jr Justice or Slightly Younger Justice Team. This is the Justice League.

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I personally won't be reading it if Azz leaves. There is WW the icon and then there is the actual comic and story (which was garbage till now).

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And lets not forgot which team defeated Dormammu (non-mutant related threat). And which teams struggling with the New Hellfire Club (Mutant specific threat)

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@furiousweasel said:

@cheesesticks said:

At least he's helping his fellow Mutants. Look at Beast, Storm and Wolverine and tell me they're doing more things than Cyke for the Mutant race.

That's kind of my point, people like Wolverine and the majority of the superhuman community are focusing on the safety and preservation of the entire planet and everyone on it, billions of people (Which is why I sided with the Avengers during the AVX debacle, their views weren't anti-mutant they were about saving everyone, that's what heroes do) which is what the X-Men also used to do, they were heroes first who just happened to have been born with their abilities rather than gained them from outside sources. Cyclops recent mindset goes against all of this and his stupidity with the Phoenix not only put the entire human race at risk, he risked their lives on the off-chance that a few may gain powers, something that in reality didn't actually need to be done.

When has anyone other than Wolverine himself been a superhero on a greater scale. All they seem to be doing is being holed up at some school while the Avengers save the universe and Cyclops saves mutants from being gunned down. Those glorified teachers won't lift a finger if it means looking bad in front of the government because they have a school of 30 students to protect. Who is going to save the mutant who's being gunned down by the cops? Not those "X-men". And of course the risk of the Phoenix was well worth it, not only is evolution of the human race back on track, people who want to gun for them can't "finish them off" and how many superheros has he created that could save the world 100 times in the future. Who fights Ultron when all the heroes are dead?