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Following their capture by the Keep, the members of the New Force have returned to Earth to find themselves in the middle of a crisis the likes of which they never imagined.

As they burn down a house, Dash spots a few white men beating up a black man. Exit teleports them out to the site of action, and Dash and Kodiak break up the party. However, the black man refuses to acknowledge their help and grumbles away.

Meanwhile, deep below the Earth's crust, Sith, a very powerful and evil being absorbs hate and evil from the world through Psi-Fire's augmented powers. Psi-Fire is almost on the verge of death.

In the city, Pilot, Narcisse, Dusk and Sundance watch the city tear itself apart in turmoil. Dusk and Pilot have a mild argument which turns into an all out brawl, bringing Narcisse into it.

As the other members of the New Force teleport into the city, they too percieve the carnage. Exit catches a statement coming from Reign and tells him that his mental powers are getting augmented. They hear a confusion and coming down to investigate, they find Pilot, Narcisse and Dusk fighting with each other. Reign tries to stop the argument but fails. The police arrive and break up the crowd. They apprehend Pilot but the others get away. Bootleg and Kodiak are downed by some mysterious men.

Elsewhere, Reign feels his powers and the world in turmoil. He gives out a psychic burst, and the people of the world feel their anger subsiding.

Sundance, Narcisse and Dusk carry on their search for the others, but little do they know that they have already been taken by the mysterious men.

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