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This Frankenstein monster was created by Basil Von Frankenstein (descendant of Victor Von Frankenstein) and Dr. Kitagowa (a Japanese scientist) for assistance to the Nazis during World War II. Unlike the original Frankenstein's monster, this one was entirely subservient to Basil`s commands. Basil wanted to created an army of undead for the Nazi's. Investigating rumors of strange happenings the Invaders went to Castle Frankenstein and discovered the Monster. The fought the Monster but he overpowered them and put them in the dungeon. Escaping, they fought the Monster again but this time the Monster was slammed into a electrical panel that shocked him severely. The massive jolt awoke him and he saw what Basil and Kitagowa had done to him. He grabbed them both and leaped out of the window to their deaths. The Townspeople had headed to the castle to burn it down but the Human Torch told them to stop and leave it alone so it would serve as a memorial to the free man who lived and died here.

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