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Mary Shelly's Frankenstein

Victor Frankenstein was a misunderstood man with a love for alchemy. He is the creator of Frankenstein's monster, only to be horrified by it. Frankenstein is the eldest son of a wealthy, Genevese man, Alphonse, and his young wife, Caroline. Victor grows up in the perfect family with a happy childhood and a constant and devoted companion in his adopted cousin, Elizabeth. He is sensitive, intelligent, and passionate about his interests and becomes absorbed in the quest to find out what creates life. While away at college in Ingolstadt, Victor creates a being from scavenged corpse parts and gives it life, but is repulsed by its hideousness once it lives. When the monster demands Victor creates a mate for it, Victor does so, only to change his mind and kill his newest creation, not wanting to create a world of monsters.The monster, in retaliation for Victor's negligence, destroys his life by killing off those Victor loves. First his brother William and then his bride Elizabeth on their wedding night. Victor chases him to the far reaches of the Arctic planning to destroy him and then die to escape his misery and remorse at his creation, but he dies aboard Walton's ship before he can catch the monster. His creation commits suicide once it learns of his creations death. Victor was succeeded by his younger brother Ernst who carried on the family name.

Marvel Comics

The Marvel Comics version of Victor is nearly identical to the original novel except it is stated he died of either exposure or despair searching for his creation in the Arctic. The Marvel version of Frankenstein did not commit suicide, but was later discovered by Robert Walton IV.

He was born in 1760 in Naples, Italy to Alphonse Von Frankenstein.

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