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The moth-vampires are a hybrid race of Martians and Butterfly-builders (creators of the great irrigation fields.) The cursed creatures originated over 1000 years prior to the events of Bigfoot – Sword of the Earthman when the Butterfly princess, Malona Ren, was betrothed to the Martian King. Soon after the marriage ceremony, it was announced that Malona was carrying the King’s child. Old rivalries soon emerged when Malona slew the Martian King and the Butterfly-folk overtook the city. With his dying breath, and with the aid of the Council of Sorcerers, the King cursed the Butterfly-folk and the unborn child of Malona Ren. The ceremony the sorcerers prepared served two purposes. 1) Cursed the Butterfly-folk from being able to withstand the glow of the sun and 2) Forever cursed their offspring so that they would no longer be the beautiful fairy-like creatures of legend, but rather the ugly and hideous vampire horde. To save themselves, the remaining Butterfly-builders sought refuge in the great mound of Olympus Mons, forever sealed off from the sights of the sun.

The tale of betrayal was immortalized in the Scribe Caste’s gentling tale, “Malona the Damned”.

“Malona the Damned” Tale

“At the dawn of the last great age of heroes,

there came a great tale to see...

Of two great kings and two great lands,

Of wars forever to be.

These two great kings of light and dark,

Did meet to end their feud...

For thousands had died in cycles untold,

The blood river always renewed.

Upon a great mound the kings did meet,

Determined to alter their fate.

Of light and dark, of night and day

Of a past once ruled by hate.

With the Heart of a princess...

And a sword forged from hell...

The kingdoms grew strong with each turn.

And a new dawn began...

For better, for all, through lands once destined to burn.

But behind the smiles, the cheering cries

and beyond the face of man...

Beyond the curtain politic...

Was the death of love at hand.

It is an age-old tale of power and greed

of passion ignited by plot.

With the end all but written, the roles in position,

A last gathering to tighten the knot.

But what no one surmised the love was not true.

Was myth, false passion, design.

In a moment of horror, a Heart set aside,

Old hatreds were not far behind.

The ruse was discovered too little too late

And the wheels of the end set in motion.

As dark swallowed light a kingdom’s lament,

False passion ruled over emotion.

By the Heart of a princess and the blood of a lord,

The plan was now in the open.

The enslavement of all, no will, no hope.

A kingdom on the verge of damnation.

But with the last of his blood, the King spoke a curse.

For the murders, the thieves and for treason.

To burn in the light, an eternity’s night.

With no chance to see a new season.

And of that great land, of progress untold.

Soriain Beth, now soiled and rotten.

Its gates sealed tight, lost to the sight…

Of a people who have now long forgotten.

For the innocence lost, the curse she did hold.

Passed on through the blood of the king.

Eternal disgrace… Forever her place,

Her name for no one to sing.

Forever… Malona the Damned.”

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