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At the beginning of the story, Scott Lang's ex-con friend, Gus Sweezer was knocked down by a car soon after his visit to Lang's house, where Gus had disclosed to Lang about a top secret criminal operation. When this came into the news the next morning, both Lang and Jonah Jameson wanted to find out what exactly happened, with the latter sending Peter Parker over to investigate.

Upon arrival, Peter soon discovered a suspicious warehouse, which turned out to be the Taskmaster's criminal school for training better criminals. The Taskmaster proved to be a formidable foe for Spider-Man and rendered him unconscious, setting up his body in front of his students later to show how vulnerable the superheroes could be.

Meanwhile, Scott Lang arrived on the scene and used his ex-convict background to blend in effectively. When one of Taskmaster's men yearned to remove Spider-Man's mask, however, Scott Lang interfered by summoning his ants upon the lackey. After learning about the Taskmaster's assignment to his students involving the theft of nuclear materials, both heroes sought to stop him.

Interfered with his lesson they did, but the Taskmaster used the threat of killing two guards to make a swift escape. When the two heroes caught up with him above the World Trade Center, Scott used one of his chemical gas to enlarge the ant he was riding, distracting the Taskmaster just enough for Lang to retrieve the stolen nuclear material from the Taskmaster.

The Taskmaster made his escape again, however, by triggering the magnesium flare device on his belt, blinding the two heroes long enough for him to fly away on his aircraft. Both heroes were disappointed with the villain's escape, but were glad to at least retrieve the dangerous nuclear material into their hands.

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