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Jennifer Pierce is apart of a superpowered family. Her father, Jefferson Pierce a.k.a. Black Lightning, and older sister, Anissa Pierce a.k.a. Thunder, are both superheros. Her Mom, Lynn Stewart, isn't apart of the family anymore because of her parents divorcing. She was originally thought not to have superpowers, until she became a teenager. Her metagene finally showed up and her powers activated. At first, Jennifer had almost no control of her powers shorting out all electrical powered devices she touched. This only made her feel lonely and somewhat of a freak of nature.

Her father saw this and demanded she wait to start her superhero days until she finished school completely. This was expected as her father was Secretary of Education and gave the same speech to her sister. Her sister did not listen and this early start in the superhero buisness, lead to her being knocked into a coma. Seeing this, her father wanted to make sure she didn't end up the same way. He then contacted the JSA because they were looking for new members to train.

The Justice Society of America Member

The JSA immediately welcomed Jennifer with open arms, especailly Cyclone and Stargirl. Jennifer became very fond of the members of the Justice Society of America, especially Jakeem Thunder. After some serious internal conflict and debating, Jennifer took the Alias known as Lightning in the first battle she entered with the JSA. Since then, she has made major contributions to the battles she participates in. The fight with Mordru shows this extremely, because of her electric powers being key in the fight. She was apart of the war with the Fourth Reich, but was captured by the Shadow of War along wit the rest of her teammates. But this future was changed thanks to Mr. Terrific and the liberation of Obsidian and they were able to capture and defeat the Fourth Reich members.

She later joins to the Justice League and the All-Stars during the events of Brightest day to stop Alan Scott who was controlled by the Starheart. She and Mr. America join forces to stop the Shadow Thief and a security guard who manifest gravity powers because the influence of the Starheart.

After this she joined in the battle against Scythe in Monument Point. After Alan got injured and was hospitalized by Doctor Fate, Jennifer was able to amount enough electricty to knock Scythe with one blast. Later when Doctor Chaos appeared to force the JSA to flee, he was able to put microbombs inside Lightnin's body, killing her. But Doctor Fate was able to move her soul to another dimension so she wasn't totally dead. After Doctor Chaos and Scythe were arrested, Doctor Midnight sends Doctor Fate (who gets scarred after getting away form that dimension to warn the JSA), Alan and Blue Devil in search of Lightning's soul while he and newest member Ri healed her body. Fate and the others saved Jennifer and battled dark versions of Lightning that were protecting the portal. After talking with Fate, Jennifer was able to gather enough will and power to destroy her evil copies. After this Fate move her soul back in her body and Ri healed her totally. Jennifer thanked later Fate for all the risks he took to save her.

When Black Ligthning, who was a fugitive like the Outsiders, came to visit her daughter Thunder, Jennifer and the other members of the JSA appeared to arrest her father and the Outsiders. Thunder took sides with her father and fights against her sister Jennifer. During the fight some tension appeared between the sisters, whith Anissa aying the Jennifer was the "favourite one" and expressing jealousy over Lightning for being allowed to be a superhero in her teens, unlike Anissa. Doctor Fate stopped the fight and Black Lightning made a deal with Amanda Waller.

Personal Data


  • Height: 5'5"
  • Weight: 114 lbs (52 kg)
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Hair: Bald/Black


Alvin Pierce (Grandfather - deceased), Lynn Stewart (Mother), Anissa Pierce (daughter), and Jefferson Pierce (father).

Powers and Abilities


Electrical Absorption: Using her ability to generate a electrical field has the added effect of turning her into the form of what seems a being of sentient lightning. The power is triggered anytime she touches anything electrical and has the added effect of drawing off the electrical current from her immediate surrounding area.

Electrical Discharge: She has the ability to project the electrical energy she has absorbed and stored as powerful electricity blasts.

Flight: Lightning can fly by charging her lower body with energy. Lightning can theoretically fly at speed of light.

In Other Media

A child version of Lightning is a main character in the Black Lightning shorts that air on DC Nation.

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