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Heather Cameron lived a quite, solitary life in Surfer's Paradise in Australia with her brother Davis ( Slipstream). She worked as a lifeguard and her brother was a professional surfer. Unbeknownst to the two of them, their father, Viceroy was an underground crime lord. 

Mayor Story Arcs

X-Treme X-Men


When Heather's father Viceroy was killed by Lady Mastermind his enemies located and tried to kill Heather and her brother. Luckily, Storm and Neal Shaara were out in Australia at the time and managed the save the pair from the attackers. Heather found out that she possessed mutant abilities, which manifested whenever she or anyone around her was in danger and did whatever was necessary to save her life or the person in danger. After Storm and Neal rescued the pair, they revealed themselves to be mutants and asked Heather to join the X- Treme X-Men, which she accepted. Davis also joined the team and Heather began a romantic relationship with Neal.

During one of the X-Men's missions to infiltrate the ship of the galactic warlord Khan, Heather's appearance changed, resembling the Shi'ar race, which also included cranial markings and feathers that represented Shi'ar royalty. Due to this appearance, Heather theorized that she and her brother Davis was born from a Shi'ar heritage that came from their mother. Upon hearing this, Davis could not handle the fact that his sister and himself were half alien, so he ran away from the team. Heather and Neal decided to leave the team as well to look for her brother.


Heather and Neal eventually return to Mumbai, India to help out the X- Corporation, while working out of the Singapore branch. However, this was short lived as there was a massive attack on all of the X-Corportation offices and after the effects of M-Day, Cyclops decided to disband all of the offices. Heather managed to retain her mutant abilities after the wake of House of M and resides the the Xavier Institute, along with other mutants. She has not been heard of since, but her location has been revealed on Utopia along with Davis and she is still involved with Thunderbird.

Powers And Abilities

Helping sage

Shi'ar Powers

Her Shi'ar heritage grants her a unique appearance and presumably their physical abilities. Lifeguard appears to have two distinct mutant abilities, in addition to her hybrid Shi'ar/Human heritage.

  • Danger Sense: Heather has the ability to psionically and subconsciously detect danger in her immediate area.
  • Reactive Metamorphosis: Once a danger is detected, her physical form and abilities change in order to remove or negate the danger. She can't actively control the evolutionary/metamorphic part of her powers, the "evolving" happens automatically without her being able to affect it (she can't exchange wings for teleportation if her body decides wings is the best option). Though she cannot actively control the change, she immediately/instinctively knows how her new abilities function and how to utilize them. She generally transforms in order to save someones life; for example, she grew wings to save someone falling to death and gills/fins to save someone from drowning .


Heather Cameron
  • Gender: Female
  • Height: 5' 10" (original form); 7' (current form)
  • Weight: 130 lbs. (original form); 205 lbs. (current form)
  • Eyes: Blue (original form); White (current form)
  • Hair: Blonde (original form); Golden (current form)
  • Skin : Gold


  • Known Relatives: Davis Cameron ( Slipstream, brother), Miles Warbeck, (father, deceased), unidentified mother (possibility Deathbird ) Mr & Mrs Cameron (adoptive parents)
  • Citizenship: Australia/ Shi'ar
  • Place of Birth: Surfer's Paradise, Australia
  • Marital Status: In a relationship with Thunderbird
  • Occupation: Adventurer, former lifeguard
  • Education: Unrevealed

Alternate Realities

X-Men: The End

Lifeguard appears in X-Men: The End as a protector of Aliyah Bishop in the Shi'ar Imperium. She is ultimately killed sacrificing herself for Aliyah.

X-Men: The End

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