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Family ties to the supernatural

Donnah Hannah is the granddaughter of the 1940's World War II mystic Dr. Arcane. As an infant Donnah was kidnapped by her grandfather rivaling enemy the sorceress C'Handra who would also kill her parents. To save his Donnah from the evil sorceress Dr. Arcane would have to make a deal with the devil. They made a compromise which would give Donna to Dr. Arcane but would later result in the birth of her aunt, the Black Enchantress. Donnah would grow up in her grandfather's care and be surrounded with his mystical trade her young life. This and the death of her parents would cause Donnah to turn from any mystical education and deny her own abilities.

Donnah would grow up to be a beautiful young woman in charge of her life and engaged to the man of her dreams, happy to have a normal life. But such lives were never meant to be lived by the prodigy of heroes, for heroes have enemies. Her grandfathers meddling of the Demoncrown and Malice's black gems aroused the actions of the current Demonmaster. Taking a vacation with her fiance on a watersking outing Donnah was again kidnapped by her grandfathers enemies, this time by the criminal organization known as Demon.

Untapped Mystic

The Demonmaster took Donnah's form and infiltrated Dr. Arcane's estate trying to obtain Malice's gems. Malice was reawakened and the rest of the Champions fought the forces of both Malice and Demon. In the meantime the Foxbat, the Demon gun for hire who had kidnapped both Donnah and her fiance, broke the news of his demise. Shattered with the realization that if she had learned her grandfather's trade and harnessed her own abilities she would never had been so helpless. When the remainder of the Champion's broke Donnah free in an all out battle with demon forces, Donnah would assume the role of Lady Arcane and follow in her grandfather's footsteps.

Curiously, though she has gone on several missions with them, Lady Arcane has never officially joined the ranks of the League of Champions. The reason for her reluctance has never been fully explained, but seems to have something to do with a mysterious costumed heroine known as Transpower, who was expelled from the team on a charge of willful manslaughter. In any even, Lady Arcane did strike up a firm friendship with Flare, the light based elemental of the group. Coming to terms with her own sexuality, Lady Arcane made bold attempts to show her interest in Flare only to be rebuffed. Lady Arcane would also come to a meeting of minds with her wicked aunt Andrea, the Black Enchantress. Some years ago, Doctor Arcane and Lady Arcane vanished under mysterious circumstances. And though Doctor Arcane has returned, Lady Arcane continues to be among the missing. Heroic Publishing has promised that answers to the question of where Lady A has been all this time will soon begin to unfold in the pages of WitchGirls, Inc.

Powers and Abilities

Balancing the magic

Lady Arcane is a novice sorceress still cultivating her mystic talents. However, in spite of her lack of training, in terms of raw power, she's quite possibly the most powerful mortal magician on Earth. Her basic ability involves the harnessing, manipulation, and enhancement of all forms of energy. She's also developed some rudimentary skills in the fields of transformation, astral projection, possession, and dimensional travel.

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