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In a world of one day heroes there was a young scholar who would arise as one such hero. Dr.Donald Avery is an occult specialist who at an early age took up his trade as a pupil of the mystic arts. After some time of adventuring in the early 1940's around many exotic locations across the world, Dr.Avery honed his abilities and exclusively sought paranormal encounters. Than meeting several para-normal's who used their abilities for the greater good of mankind, Dr. Avery, calling himself Dr.Arcane, joined forces with these contemporary heroes during the mid-1940's to force the evil entity Malice spirit into her black gemstone.

In the realms of magic goes the good Doctor

Battling back the entity Malice with all their combined might, they took the creature down at the end of the battle. With the black gemstone removed from the body of Melissa d'Arque's brow, she lapsed into a dreamlike death trance. It had been believed that this would free Melissa and Malice's evil influence, but it proved not to be the case. And the first tragic story of Dr.Arcane's long career would begin to unfold. As years passed Avery would resettle in San Fransisco California and reside in his mystically warded estate.

As time passed Dr.Avery grew old and the world around him changed and new heroes were born.

Look into my eyes!

Along with time came the apparent truth that a darkness was coming in the form of demons and unforgivable past events. Even as the retired Dr.Arcane was now bound to a wheelchair he would take a firm move to gather the well known group of adventures called the Champions. Petitioning to the band to help him safeguard and investigate the Hellfire Crow, a mystical component which would house Malice's gem and be a formidable tool for destruction.

Powers and Abilities

Out of body experience

As one of Earths most powerful sorcerers, Doctor Arcane can use the innate psychic resources, the manipulation of ambient magical energies, and the invocation of mystic entities and objects to accomplish such feats as energy projection, transformation, teleportation, astral projection, possession, travel to other dimensions, and many other magically induced feats.

Doctor Arcane possess years of schooling in the knowledge of the occult. He is familiar with contemporary religious beliefs as well as ancient forgotten ones. His knowledge of lost or obscure tomes and entities are stacked with years of hands on experiences.

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