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Kouga is the young leader of the wolf tribe. During his first fight with Inuyasha, he found out that Kagome can see jewel fragments, so he kidnapped her. At first, he saw her as a jewel detector. He needed her to help him fight his tribe's enemy, the Gokuraku-chou (demon bird). The bird's leader has a jewel shard and had killed many of Kouga's tribe members. After he got a good look at her and liked her attitude, he felt in love with Kagome and declared that she is his woman. Of course, Kagome slapped him. After that, he and his tribe members attacked the bird's nest. Kagome told him that the bird's leader has the jewel shard in his mouth. He told his comrades to protect Kagome so he can fight with the bird's leader. When Inuyasha showed up to rescue Kagome, there was a three way battle between Kouga, Inuyasha, and the birds. After the leader ran away, Inuyasha and Kouga fought each other. Inuyasha wanted Kouga dead because he kidnapped Kagome and said that she's his woman. Kouga wanted Inuyasha dead because then Kagome will be free to love him. Lots of insults and names calling here. While they were fighting, the leader came back and attacked Kouga. He injured Kouga's arm and got the shard in his arm. Inuyasha stepped in front of Kouga and showed off his power by using Tetsusaiga's power on the leader. Now that the leader is out of the way, the two idiots can go back to their fight again. Since Kouga was injured, Kagome "sit" Inuyasha so Kouga's friends can carry him off. Next came Naraku, wanting to steal Kouga's jewel shards. He set up a trap for Kouga and got Kagura to slaughter Kouga's comrades. Now Kouga is also on a quest to kill Naraku and have his revenge.

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