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WildStorm Universe

John "Topkick" Lynch

John Lynch worked his way up the ranks of America's most secret intelligence organization the hard way. In the early days of the Vietnam Conflict, Lynch was a Naval ensign who was tapped by the Navy SEALs. His record of confirmed kills coupled with his accuracy and the usefulness of his intelligence reports brought him to the attention of the C.I.A. Transferred stateside, he spent time at Langley before being hand-picked by C.I.A. Operations to head up his own covert operations bureau. From there he was promoted to Central Officer of MOBat U.S SOCOM (Special Operations COMmand) an arm of the U.S. military establishment. His skills continued to attract the notice of higher-ups, with National Security Czar Miles Craven recruiting him into I.O. During his early career with Craven in the 1970's, he would help form and lead I.O.'s new special operations unit, Team 7, continuing his outstanding record. When the director of I.O. retired, Lynch became his natural successor.

Lynch's Team 7 insignia

During his time with Team 7, Lynch (as well as the rest of the team) was purposely exposed to the Gen-Factor, giving him strong psionic abilities, which he rarely uses after Team 7 disbanded, as they are dangerous to both himself and sometimes others. While on an I.O./Team 7 mission in Leningrad, Lynch faced another superhuman alone, causing him to literally tear out his left eye in order to kill the powerful Russian. Recently, however, he has begun using them slightly more often and with greater control.

He is the father of Burnout of Gen-13, and often acts as a mentor/advisor for the team.

DC Universe

Post-Flashpoint, the DC UNiverse merged with the WildStorm Universe and characters were given altered origins and roles to various extents. In the New 52, John Lynch is again the head of the outfit Team 7 compromised of agents such as Amanda Waller, Slade Wilson, Black Canaray and Grifter among others.

Lynch is revealed to have used the team to test the meta-gene possibilities in order to create his own "Superman". He succeeded in turning member James Bronson into the powerhouse Majestic, but who's instability made him a threat to the entire world.

Other Media

John Lynch appeared in the animated Gen 13 Movie. He was voiced by John De Lancie.

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