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The Beginning

Joe was a lab assistant for Dr. Flem and Dr. Boiffard, who they hired out as a secretary to the reformed G-Men’s private detective business. She was sent to work there so she would be able to keep a close eye on Frank ( Madman), who was working as a freelance psychic in the same building. Frank becomes smitten with Joe from the moment he first sees her. Later, after being rescued from Monstadt and his goons by Frank, Joe reveals she had always had a crush on him and thinks he is the sweetest man she’s ever met, he asks her out on a date shortly after.

Special Abilities?

When coming into contact with the alien known as Zenelle, an antennae similar to Frank’s popped out of Joe’s head and she was able to communicate with the alien creature. On another occasion, shortly after being returned to her own body, Joe, Madman and The Atomics were attacked by Mr. Monstadt, and tossed into a fiery pit. She began to float and was somehow protecting the others from the flames. She then fired an electrical blast from her body, defeating Monstadt. 

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